PM International has provided us with the latest example of an MLM company unable to take a hint.

As part of the company’s long running beef with TV2, PM International has filed a third appeal.

PM International’s beef with TV2 dates back to late 2017.

A segment on TV2’s Health Control program alleged, based on their own research, that PM International was a pyramid scheme marketing products containing sugar powder.

This prompted PM International to file a complaint with the Oslo City Police Department, seeking censorship of TV2’s aired segment and accompanying report.

Oslo Police declined to take action, prompting PM International to file an appeal.

The first appeal was rejected and PM International was ordered to pay TV2’s costs.

A second appeal was filed with the Norwegian Supreme Court’s Appeal Committee.

That appeal was also denied and once again PM International was orderd to pay costs.

Now seven months later, PM International has filed a third appeal with the Borgarting Court of Appeal.

According to one of TV2’s lawyers, PM International “strongly disagrees” with previous judgments” and refers to them as “crazy”.

The District Court has taken the insane step of departing from the understanding of ordinary Norwegians as to the term “pyramid activity”, which most readers and TV viewers naturally perceive as an allegation of illegal activity.

PM International have also disclosed that following airing of TV2’s segment, they’ve experienced a “dramatic fall in sales” of their products.

Speaking with Dagens Naeringsliv, TV2 maintains it ‘has not published anything that is unlawful‘.

(This is) a case where a large, international company is trying to limit freedom of expression of the media.

If companies such as PM International succeed with tactics of scaring editorial staff from running critical journalism, we have a major societal problem.

Will PM2 International win their third appeal? Probably not.

Stay tuned…