The Passivo Ponzi scheme appears to have collapsed.

Sometime recently Passivo’s website has been pulled. Attempts to visit the site return an unscheduled maintenance exit-scam message:

Through a bit of URL manipulation, one can verify Passivo’s website isn’t under maintenance and has in fact been deleted:

Curiously, Passivo’s “PassivoHub” marketing website is still online.

Passivo’s collapse follows regulatory fraud warnings from Germany and Austria, issued in September and October respectively.

Passivo itself was a Dubai-based Ponzi scheme, fronted by German national Jan Lubberding.

As per Passivo’s reviewed business model, investment was solicited on the promise of up to 1% a week.

As of October 2023, SimilarWeb tracked just ~5700 monthly visits to Passivo’s website. This was down 57% from September.

Of what little website traffic Passivo had left, SimilarWeb tracked it from Switzerland (37%, down 65% month on month), Germany (22%), Poland (16%), Australia (14%) and the Netherlands (10%).