Ovax Global has received a securities fraud warning from New Zealand.

As per the Financial Markets Authority’s October 31st warning, Ovax Global “has features of a scam”.

Its website(s) contains false licensing and registration claims. Ovax Global Limited claims to be licensed in New Zealand but this is not the case.

We have reasonable grounds to suspect that its claims to be registered and licensed in other jurisdictions are also untrue.

False information may have been used to register the company, its website offers unrealistic high investment returns and fake testimonials.

Ovax Global Limited provides investment and trading services in cryptocurrencies, purportedly from a place of business in New Zealand but it is not registered to provide financial services here.

Ovax Global is a Boris CEO Ponzi scheme. Investors are pitched on returns as high as 4% a day.

Ovax Global’s use of an actor with an eastern European accent suggests it is run by Russians.

As of October 2023, SimilarWeb tracked top sources of Ovax Global website traffic from Austria (33%), Russia (18%), Switzerland (15%) and Hungary (13%).