The O’Qubuss Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

As November 16th “official communication”, daily returns and withdrawals have been suspended.

Affiliate recruitment and new investment has also been disabled, which together with no withdrawals leaves O’Qubuss dead in the water.

Despite the obvious collapse, O’Qubuss maintains

the project is not closed, and will resume normal operations and payments in the following days.

As of November 18th, O’Qubuss withdrawals are believed to still be disabled.

Rather than just admit O’Qubuss is a Ponzi scheme that collapsed, the company blames “changes and the negative behavior of the main trading markets”.

O’Qubuss is the third reboot of the twice collapse IX Inversors Ponzi scheme. It has nothing to do with trading or “the markets”.

Having only launched in July, O’Qubuss barely lasted a few months.

Both IX Inversors and O’Qubuss are run by CEO Alexander Hernandez.

SimilarWeb tracks a steady decline in O’Qubuss website traffic over the past few months.

100% of O’Qubuss’ website traffic is attributed to Ecuador.

Ecuador issued an IX Inversors securities fraud warning back in February. There hasn’t been any further regulatory action since.

As a result total IX Inversors and O’Qubuss victim numbers, as well as how much they’ve lost, remain unknown.