As part of Bitcoiin criminal proceedings, hundreds of electronic devices seized in Serbia have been turned over to the FBI in Texas.

Data stored on the devices is still being processed, resulting in a request to continue the trials of defendants Haojia Miao and Antonije Stojiljkovic.

The FBI obtained the devices seized in Serbia via search warrant. The devices were seized as part of raids and arrests conducted in Serbia last July.

In a joint-motion for continuance, the DOJ writes;

The FBI along with the Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (RCFL) are currently imaging the digital devices received from Serbia to review and turn over to defense.

The DOJ has requested the scheduled June 12th criminal trial be continued for six months. Counsel for Miao and Stojiljkovic have signed off on the request.

The joint-motion was filed on May 6th. As of yet there’s no order from the court.

The joint-motion also provides some information regarding ongoing extradition proceedings in Serbia.

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas along with the Office of International Affairs at the Department of Justice is currently working with Serbian Authorities to extradite the remaining ten co-defendants in Serbia.

On or about April 21, 2021, Serbian Authorities indicated to the United States Attorney’s Office that the extradition of the ten co-defendants is awaiting the ruling from the Court of Appeals in Serbia.

This tracks with our report from late April, detailing the current status of Krstijan Krstic’s extradition process.


Update 18th June 2021 – On June 2nd the court granted the joint motion.

Subsequently a new trial date has been scheduled for December 13th.