Years of Ponzi scamming through OneCoin is catching up with scammers.

Following news of €400,000 in tax fraud in Romania, now OneCoin affiliates are being arrested in Finland for the same crime.

Reporting taxes on ill-gotten gains presents as a dilemma for Ponzi scammers.

Namely, how to declare sudden riches without attracting the attention of authorities.

Scammers know what they’re promoting is fraudulent, so anything to avoid the attention of the authorities is preferable.

Such was the case for a OneCoin promoter in Vaasa, Finland.

Rather than declare what he’d stolen from OneCoin victims, the 55-year-old affiliate just kept quiet.

The Finnish Tax Administration caught up with the OneCoin affiliate in mid 2018.

An investigation by police into the matter revealed the man had derived the undeclared income through OneCoin.

Subsequently by court order, €179,000 EUR was seized.

The investigation continued, culminating in a decision by prosecutors to take the case to trial last month.

Owing to administrative error, when the case came up for hearing on March 19th prosecutors were not ready to try the case.

The court ordered detention of the accused for another 24 hours.

The following day prosecutors presented the court with a new case.

Turns out while the initial investigation covered a timeframe of November 2016 to November 2017, in fact the accused OneCoin affiliate had been scamming people from as early as May 2015.

Details of the case have not been made public, other than the undeclared income having been derived through recruitment of OneCoin investors.

The new case has resulted in a new arrest warrant, with a trial at the earliest to happen later this year (September onward).

Finnish authorities are also looking to take two other OneCoin affiliates to court.

One of the suspects is from Korsholm and has already had €550,000 EUR in assets seized.

The case has been deemed more serious than that of the Vaasa affiliate, as it involves money laundering, tax fraud and gross misconduct as a debtor.

Further details of the case haven’t been made public. This includes anything related to the third OneCoin suspect authorities are pursuing.

Stay tuned…