If you’re a OneCoin victim in Poland, you might be able to recover your losses via criminal proceedings.

The Szczecin District Prosecutors Office has offered to go after OneCoin scammers. They just need victims to speak up.

The Szczecin Prosecutors Office made their offer on April 19th, under Article 131, Section 2 of the Polish Criminal Code.

Article 131. § 2.

If, in a given case, the number of the injured found is such that serving upon them the individual notices of their rights would constitute a major impediment to the conduct of proceedings, such injured shall be notified through an announcement in the press, radio or television.

As I understand it, prosecutors are in the process of filing criminal proceedings against local OneCoin scammers.

As per Article 131. § 2 above, OneCoin victims (the injured) are able to join the proceedings.

The Polish National Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating OneCoin since late 2016.

The Szczecin Prosecutors Office launched their investigation in March, 2017.

According to their April 19th press-release, authorities in Szczecin investigated OneCoin ‘in Świdnica, Juszczyn, Pruszków and other cities in Poland and Europe‘.

The investigation has focused on Nicuma, a shell company local OneCoin affiliates laundered 1.14 million euros through.

The Szczecin Prosecutors Office claims OneLife, OneAcademy and OneCoin are all part of a financial pyramid.

Under Polish law, OneCoin victims have the right to

  • have their case investigated by prosecutors;
  • participate in criminal proceedings; and
  • submit a claim for damages and/or compensation;

Szczecin Prosecutors are calling on Polish OneCoin victims to contact their office, citing number PO II Ds 94.2017.