Strapped for cash or part of larger money laundering plans?

Capital are today reporting that earlier this month Ruja Ignatova sold OneCoin’s Bulgarian headquarters.

OneCoin’s Sofia headquarters were part of Ruja Ignatova’s infamous $20 million plus real-estate empire.

Ignatova began investing OneCoin affiliate funds in properties throughout 2015 and 2016. The headquarters building is in Slaveykov Square, an upmarket area in central Sofia.

Why OneCoin quietly sold their headquarters in early February is unknown. The buyer is local financier Emil Hursev, who claims he’s working on behalf of a client.

Who the client is or how much they paid for the property has not been disclosed.

OneCoin and Ignatova did not respond to Capital’s requests for more information. In the meantime, OneCoin continue to use the building as their Bulgarian headquarters.