Financially blacklisted under its own name around the world, OneCoin is now trying to get a foothold in Romania.

OneCoin’s latest ploy is being spearheaded by Romanian “top leader” Cristi Calina.

Calina has set up the unassuming shell company “Smart Payment SRL”, through which OneCoin hopes to run banking channels as “OneEcoSystem”.

Smart Payment Romania has officially started the steps for registering the first business ecosystem based on a digital currency.

”Our approach, registered at the Ministry of Finance / National Foreign Exchange Commission, aims to clarify from a legislative and fiscal point of view the development of activities in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies.

We want the currency underlying One Ecosystem to be the first authorized in Romania, thus confirming the interest of investors for this innovative e-commerce platform, said Cristi Călina, the company’s representative.

The One Ecosystem network is a business community with over 4.7 million members worldwide that uses the One digital currency as a financial benchmark for purchasing products and services through the e-commerce platform

To that end Calina has purportedly petitioned the Romanian Ministry of Finance for a response to their proposal.

”The authorities have officially informed us that the legislation in force is being finalized and that this will happen as soon as possible.

The address also confirms the fact that we are the first entity to take these steps in Romania.

We want to accelerate this approach, and Romania to become a standard of regulation and good practices, in this field, at European level”, Călina also declared.

If you’re getting a sense of dejavu, it’s because it wasn’t that long ago OneCoin pulled this stunt in the Ukraine.

Through efforts Calina was involved in, earlier this year OneCoin represented it had entered into a partnership with the Ukrainian government.

The partnership was touted as “the first step” towards the legalization of OneCoin.

This meeting will be very important for us because there will be a lot of answers, and we will have positive answers there, and of course one the answers will be about legalization of OneCoin Ukraine.

-Lidia Kotelyak, OneCoin promoter and former Ukrainian politician

On May 1st Calina, alongside Italian OneCoin promoter Luca Miatton, appeared on a webinar to

showcase a document claiming to be an approval of “Central bank of Ukraine” to green-light the use of OneCoin as a financial asset.

They talk about Luca becoming a president of a bank in Ukraine — one that will start hand out OneCoin payment cards to OneCoin members again.

The bank will be first of its kind to work with OneCoin.

And that’s pretty much where Calina’s renewed efforts in his native Romania are headed.

Such was the desperation of OneCoin affiliates to legitimize their Ponzi scheme, that the Ukraine government officially denied any cooperation with OneCoin in late May.

OneCoin is holding a “One Ecosystem” event in Romania over October 1st to 3rd.

Whether the Romanian government allows the Ponzi scheme to use it as a hub for financial fraud remains to be seen.