onecoin-logoUnlike OneCoin affiliates, I wasn’t expecting much to be announced at their London CoinRush event.

My thinking was if they had the merchants (100,000 “ready to go” or otherwise), they’d have gone live with them back in May as originally promised.

So, what did happen at the CoinRush event?

OneCoin launched OneLife, which appears to be a pointless rebranding attempt. Well, sort of.

The old OneCoin domain is live, with a new website design – so I’m not really sure what the point of OneLife is. A visit to the OneLife website reveals it’s pretty much the same as the OneCoin website, just a different design.

The OneCoin website meanwhile has been updated with a whole bunch of new cryptocurrency rhetoric. The irony continues, with OneCoin not being publicly tradeable, listed on any public exchange or useable for anything other than internal transfer between investors.

Affiliate complaints on the OneCoin Facebook page suggest converting OneCoin to cash and withdrawing is still all but impossible, with OneCoin affiliates only earning on the recruitment of new affiliates.

We’ll keep you updated if anything else eventuates, but for now it appears people flew to London and paid 200 EUR just to hear about a new website. Could have been done via press-release in all of five minutes.