onecoin-logoFollowing a low-key webconference launch in the US earlier this month, things have been rather quiet over at OneCoin.

US affiliates have been holding sparsely populated events across the country and there was some media coverage, but for the most part OneCoin corporate have been publicly MIA.

Now, emerging chatter from OneCoin affiliates might explain why.

The following correspondence from OneCoin investors was published over the past 48 hours, dating back to July 24th.

hacking-discussion-onecoin-investors-july-24th-2015Our conversation begins with one investor discussing issues with reset passwords and OneCoin support:

July 24th – It’s not comfortable that you have advised (me to) suddenly change (to a) new PW & TPW.

It’s very confusing when I tried to change NPWs. Not changed PW, though I give correct info.

System is not good.

Few ids hacked unfortunately right now.

TPW for few ids in the downline not created so far.

What’s your advise now? REPLY PLEASE.

TPW I believe refers to a transaction password, required to move funds and OneCoin points within the system.

An immediate response from OneCoin support was not forthcoming, however other affiliates were more than happy to share their own similar experiences.

Writes one affiliate who joined OneCoin less than 8 weeks ago:

I experience the same Password problem. Right now am unable to log into my account.

I don’t know why you suddenly force me to change Password and Transaction Password, even when am not up to 8 weeks as a registered member.

Password change should be at the discretion of individuals if they feel their password is compromised.

It’s not right to force people to change passwords.

Hacking appears to be a major issue at the moment within OneCoin, with another investor reporting multiple accounts hacked:

my down line some members both Passwords mail id’s (sic) hacked. Pl do need full ASAP. Pl reply ASAP.

Yet another chimes in, reporting withdrawal problems and that the OneCoin exchange is down:

I keep getting a message about exceeding my daily withdrawal request… for over a week now.

Had to email customer support a second time. No reply yet.

Then I have to change my password.

Now when I go to log in it says the exchange is closed once again for almost two days.

I have not been able to sell (OneCoins) for over almost weeks now. (sic)

The original affiliate who started the conversation then posted three followup messages, detailing further issues with their downline accounts:

Already (purchased) Starter package, showing Rookie.

Disturbed my mind. What’s your answer Support One Coin? Tension… tension.


Usernames: (removed)

What’s your response One Coin Team & support?

Attension (sic) please on this new problem. Hope.

Waiting for support and One Coin Team response.

Whether or not OneCoin finally got back to the investor is unclear. Ditto how widespread these issues are, whether OneCoin has infact been compromised and whether or not affiliates are able to withdraw invested funds.

At the time of publication I was unable to source a public or private response from OneCoin corporate addressing these issues.

Stay tuned…