onecoin-logoFollowing the creation of an English OneCoin Wikipedia entry back in March, no less than one hundred and eight edits have been made.

A large number of these have been broad revisions to the original article, which remove information critical of OneCoin and replace it with uncited marketing material.

Since May 20th twenty-eight edits have been made. The revision history for the OneCoin Wikipedia article reveals most of these are censorship attempts and their corresponding reverts.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Wikipedia staff, who today banned OneCoin affiliates from further vandalizing the page.

A”Temporary semi-protection” request dated May 30th claims the OneCoin entry has been subject to “persistent vandalism” by ‘IP/vandal-only accounts wanting to remove negative information about the company.

An hour later a Wikipedia admin looked into the request and concluded: ‘looks like whitewashing to me.

He then applied a one month protection status to the OneCoin entry, which temporarily prohibits OneCoin affiliates from vandalizing it any further.

The temporary protection status currently in place is set to expire on June 30th.