In a surprising development, Luxembourg’s government has confirmed it will not contest Frank Schneider’s extradition.

As per a November 7th report from RTL;

Luxembourg could not prevent the extradition of former SREL employee Frank Schneider to the United States. This is what both the Prime Minister and the judiciary say.

The question of whether the government would intervene was put to parliament. Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, stated his government had

no legal option to prevent the extradition of a Luxembourg citizen who would not be on Luxembourg territory.

The basis of the decision was put down to Luxembourg being unable to conduct a thorough investigation into OneCoin .

It was an affair that had already been fully investigated in the United States for a number of years. Luxembourg would not be able to handle this file with international scope.

Any extradition intervention by Luxembourg would be based on a local criminal investigation, which currently doesn’t exist.

It was widely expected that if Schneider found himself back in Luxembourg, he would disappear never to be seen again.

Evidently upset about the announcement, Schneider (right) claims Luxembourg’s government is “not interested in his case”.

When RTL contacted Schneider’s Luxembourg lawyer, Lydie Lorang, she stated;

The judiciary in this country could have opened an investigation for money laundering.

After all, Frank Schneider’s company “Sandstone” was also active in Luxembourg.

Frank Schneider himself accuses the prosecutor’s office of never having consulted the full file of the case.

Separately, Intelligence Online is reporting that Schneider’s Sandstone firm has “shut down”.

Attempts to visit SandStone’s website currently returns a default configuration page:

The final decision on Schneider’s extradition rests with the French government. They have no reason to reject the US’ request but unfortunately we don’t have a timeline.

Presumably Luxembourg confirming it won’t intervene brings the French decision one step closer to fruition.