John C. Maxwell is an American motivational speaker who, through his John Maxwell Company, hosts leadership conferences all around the world.

As per Maxwell’s website;

For 40 years, John C. Maxwell has invested in leaders from all walks of life. His unique insights into the nature of leadership have earned him respect across generations of influencers and visionaries.

John’s vision for developing and training leaders who then develop and train even more leaders has resulted in a legacy of transformational leadership across the globe.

We offer a wide array of leadership development and training programs built on the timeless principles of John C. Maxwell.

From assessments and coaching, to public and on-site workshops they all inspire and challenge you not just to learn but to lead with excellence.

All of our curriculum can be customized to specifically address your organizational, cultural, and leadership challenges.

An upcoming May 19th event in Cali, Colombia was announced in April. On the surface there doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary, but see if you can spot what caught a concerned BehindMLM reader’s attention:


Titled “Jhon Maxwell in Colombia”, the OneLife sponsored event is being put together by Unión Temporal APC. Tickets are being sold through the Colombian ticketing agency Colboletos.

Curiously, neither OneLife or OneCoin are listed as official sponsors of the event. Whether this is intentional is unclear.

According to the Colboletos event page, tickets to the event are selling for $66,000 to $3.9 million COP ($23 to $1354 USD).

Outside of Colombia the OneCoin sponsored event is relatively unknown (I wasn’t aware of it), but Colombian OneCoin affiliates are marketing the event as part of a two-day OneCoin event being held in Cali.

In an event marketing video published by “One Dream Team Spanish” on April 25th, one of the Steinkeller brothers references Maxwell by name ([2:24] approx):

Another video published two days later features Maxwell himself, but suggests he’s under the impression he’ll be speaking to a general network marketing audience:

The lack of publicity OneCoin’s John Maxwell event has received might be a result of how things played out in Croatia.

Back in March, OneCoin sponsored the Congress of South East European Women Entrepreneurs’ annual event in the Croatian capital of Zagreb.

Upon realizing OneCoin was a Ponzi scheme, OneCoin Founder Ruja Ignatova was barred from attending the event.

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović and Deputy Prime-Minister Martina Dalic were scheduled to speak at the event, but pulled out after learning of OneCoin’s sponsorship.

The moment we found out about the general sponsor and problems associated with OneCoin, Deputy Prime Minister Martina Dalić canceled their participation.

Another possible reason is a regulatory warning against OneCoin issued by Colombia’s Superintendency of Societies in April, 2016.

How much OneCoin have paid to sponsor John Maxwell’s Colombian event is unclear. Ditto whether Maxwell is aware a global Ponzi scheme appears to be a major sponsor of one of his gigs.

With Colombian OneCoin affiliates expected to make up the majority of attendees, inadvertently Maxwell might wind up training them to better commit Ponzi fraud.

With respect to personal liability, Maxwell is a citizen and resident of the US. If OneLife sponsorship money (laundered Ponzi funds) makes up even part of his appearance fee, it could also create legal issues for him with US authorities at a later date.