About a week ago a reader wrote in asking I take a look at Ulyfe. At the time Ulyfe’s website was just a “coming soon” message.

There wasn’t any other information to go on. Nevertheless I added Ulyfe to the review list, expecting additional information to surface by the time it came up.

Today Ulyfe’s website is still “coming soon”, but we’ve since learned it’s a reboot of the failed Neworkoin Ponzi scheme.

Neworkoin launched about a year ago. The ruse behind the business was an in-house ecommerce platform, funded with internally generated NWK tokens.

Within a month of BehindMLM reviewing Neworkoin and identifying it as a Ponzi points scheme, the company rebooted as Neworkom.

Here’s how that went:

From what I’ve been able to tell promotion of Ulyfe began mid July (roughly two weeks ago).

As to what it is, it seems to be a reboot of the failed ecommerce platform Neworkoin has been flogging for a year…

…except this time with a social network.

Oh and it’s a paid social network because, y’know… that’s what people are looking for in 2020.

A Google cache snapshot of Ulyfe’s staging website reveals the following membership options:

No idea if those prices are finalized but you get the idea. The more you pay the more you get to spam Ulyfe.

This of course is nothing new. There are plenty of paid MLM social networks that have come and gone over the years.

Being a marketing wasteland, nobody outside of the attached opportunities is interested. Meaning the networks quietly die off.

But not before collecting fees from gullible marketers promoting them.

As of yet there’s no word on how NWK Ponzi points will be integrated into Ulyfe.

The best we have is this description from an official Ulyfe marketing video dated July 21st.

A free, transparent and safe space, where you can make your reality, your work activity known, even locally. And importantly, every transaction is insured because it is based on the blockchain system.

All of this is ULYFE.

So once you’ve paid in with real money, from the sounds of it every other payment within Ulyfe will be made with NWK Ponzi points.

That real money paid in will of course be funneled out the backend to Andor Viragh and the diehards who’ve continued to promote Neworkoin and Neworkom.

Will changing the name of an ecommerce platform and adding a paid social network make Neworkom any more viable?

Nope. It still comes down to recruiting new bagholders to offload NWK Ponzi points onto.

The front-end theater to suck new victims in might change, but Neworkom is otherwise still pushing the same business model:

“Please buy our NWK points we created out of thin air. They’ll eventually be worth more than you paid us for them, promise!

Then all you have to do is sell them to new suckers.”

Pending public release of Neworkom’s Ulyfe compensation plan and confirmation of significant changes, BehindMLM will be publishing an updated review in the future.