There is no information on the NevoMx company website indicating who runs or owns the business.

The company domain (‘’) was registered on the 30th August 2012, however the registration information is set to private.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The NevoMX Product Line

NevoMX has no retailable products or services. Rather, the only thing members are able to market is membership to the company itself.

The NevoMX Compensation Plan

After joining NevoMX and paying the monthly membership fee ($5) a NevoMX affiliate is placed in the back of a straight line queue.

As new members are recruited into the scheme an affiliate makes their way up the queue and once at the front of queue receive four $1 commission payments and 4 new members to their downline (level 1). They continue to receive these $1 commissions every month membership is paid by their downline.

After four new members have been added an affiliate leaves the queue (this is how other members move up the queue). Commissions are then earnt on the acquisition of new members added to the affiliate’s downline.

This happens when one of the newly added four members to the affiliates downline reach the front of the queue get their four members and commissions. When this happens the initial affiliate earns another round of $1 commissions (paid each month, as long as membership fees are paid).

NevoMX pay out on this single line structure down 7 levels, totalling monthly payments from 21,844 members ($10,932).

Note that levels 1 and 2 pay out $1 per member per month whilst levels 3 to 7 pay out 50 cents.

Joining NevoMX

Membership to NevoMX is $30 and $5 a month thereafter.

Apparently free membership is available but as per the NevoMX FAQ, ‘free members do not get commissions‘.


nevoMX is an earnings platform where you earn commissions when other people sign up.

With no product being sold, 100% of the commissions paid out coming from membership fees and a straight line compensation plan that requires the constant recruitment of new members to add members to affiliate’s downlines, quite obviously NevoMX fits the definition of a pyramid scheme.

As with all pyramid schemes, once recruitment dries up so too will the commissions of those at the bottom of the pyramid scheme.

These members then stop paying their monthly membership fees meaning the people above them stop earning commissions and so on and so forth until the entire pyramid has collapsed.

Being a straight-line pyramid scheme only one person can be at the top of the queue at any given time and with each person leaving the queue four more are added.

Not only will those at the bottom struggle to get paid if nobody is recruited, but they’ll most likely be waiting an extremely long time to reach the top of the queue too.