Nerium Internationals’ fight against former Master Distributors Mark and Tammy Smith continues, with the latest seeing a raiding injunction granted against the Smiths.

Mark and Tammy Smith sued Nerium for over $100 million back in February.

Nerium responded by filing its own lawsuit, in which it claimed the Smiths lawsuit was the result of “greed and ego”.

Part of Nerium’s lawsuit alleged raiding by Mark and Tammy Smith for their new company, Jeunesse.

On April 24th Nerium was awarded a Temporary Restraining Order against Mark and Tammy Smith, Darin Kidd and Tee Daniel.

As per a press-release provided by Nerium that quotes the order;

The TRO prohibits the TRO Defendants from “directly or indirectly recruiting or soliciting anyone they actually know to be (or are informed in writing by Nerium to be one of) Nerium’s Brand Partners and employees to join any other direct-sales, multi-level marketing, or network-marketing company, including but not limited to Jeunesse Global Holdings, LLC.”

The named defendants were also ordered to provide Nerium with certain information, through which the company claims it will be able to identify which current and former Nerium affiliates

  • received bridge payments or other agreements from the TRO Defendants or Jeunesse
  • received invitations to visit Jeunesse
  • traveled to Jeunesse
  • signed up with Jeunesse since January 1, 2018
  • discussed or mentioned Jeunesse with the TRO Defendants since January 1, 2018 and
  • are or have been in the TRO Defendants’ respective downlines at Jeunesse at any point since January 1, 2018

A week ago on May 21st, Nerium’s awarded TRO was extended until November 8th.