While I’ve been unable to accurately follow the Nerium Skincare legal dispute due to sealed filings, a few recently unsealed filings reveal Nerium Skincare and Nerium International attempted mediation in mid October.

On October 10th Nerium Skincare and Nerium International began Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The mediation lasted two days, with followups continuing through till October 24th.

Despite the length of mediation and over $10,000 spent in fees, the ‘parties were unable to reach (a) settlement‘.

On October 13th the court-appointed Special Master ordered a telephone status conference for October 27th.

A sealed reply to a previously filed sealed motion was filed on October 26th, but beyond that there’s nothing specific to report.

Nerium Skincare’s lawsuit dates back to 2015, wherein the company accused CEO and founder Jeff Olson of running “illegal financial schemes”.


Update 17th December 2017 – Defendant Nerium International (defendant) had applied for a preliminary injunction against plaintiff Nerium SkinCare.

Details of the injunction are unavailable because it, like most filings in this case, was filed under seal.

What we do know however is that on December 8th the court denied the motion.


Update 31st July 2018 – On June 26th Nerium Skincare and Jeff Olson informed the court a settlement has been reached.

The settlement ends litigation between the two parties and sees Olson buy out Nerium Skincare’s interest in Nerium International.