When you’ve been around as long as BehindMLM has, it’s inevitable that compensation details in our reviews become outdated.

Be it a company or one of our readers reaching out, I have no problem with revisiting an MLM company to publish an updated review.

Such was the case with Nefful USA, who recently reached out to complain about a “false review”.

Nefful USA first got in contact on September 24th.

To whom it may concern,

We noticed that your website has a review for our company.

We are requesting that the page be removed. It contains several instances of false and misleading information.

Thank You,

To which I replied;

We stand by the research that goes into our review.

Seeing as you failed to provide one example of “false and misleading information” we won’t be taking any action at this time.

Two days later Nefful USA wrote back and provided updated rank qualification criteria.

A portion of the review is based on the compensation plan and qualifications.

We are an International company and have different versions of our business manuals with the pricing and qualification numbers adjusted for whichever country it is being used for.

The qualifications your review used is for Taiwan’s version and is in foreign currency which is roughly 30x more than USD.

Seeing as our Nefful review was published four years ago, I didn’t have a problem revisiting Nefful for an updated review.

So I replied;

I see. I went and had a look at Nefful USA’s website and there is no compensation documentation provided.

Feel free to pass that on and I’ll mark the review for an update.

Nefful responded with updated rank qualification criteria but failed to provide a copy of their compensation plan.

Thank you once again for your timely response. While we would appreciate it if you can remove the article completely, please update the information on the review to reflect the correct numbers:

It is $5000 USD of GV to reach the level of manager

$20,000 USD of GV to reach the level of Area manager

$200,000 USD of GV to reach the level of Area General Manager

Please also update the information in the review that concerns the compensation plan.

In addition, we request that you please remove the photo and name of our Chairman (Mr. Toshiya Kamijo) as it does violate his personal privacy to use them without his permission.

In order to “update the information in the review that concerns the compensation plan”, I’d of course need the compensation plan.

Hi, I asked for a copy of Nefful’s USA compensation plan. You didn’t provide it.

We also don’t need Kamijo’s permission to include his photo in our review. We include media with our reviews under Fair Use.

I’m happy to update the review with the provided GV amounts and include a note that Nefful refused to provide a copy of its US compensation plan.

Please advise.

I sent the above on October 2nd. To date Nefful USA has failed to respond.

Take that as you will. Personally I’d be extremely wary of an MLM company that refuses to make its compensation plan public.