The NBH Finance Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

In doing so, the scammers behind it have pulled a rather bizarre stock exchange exit-scam.

A communication posted on NBH Finance’s website advises the company has “not been able to repay the invested for so long.”

You see, in the global economy and cryptocurrency, the bitcoin price drop is where we suffer the most.

We are unable to make payments as the BTC price has not increased for the last 3 months.

That’s your typical MLM Ponzi collapse bullshit but the last sentence of the communication is of interest:

If necessary, you can check the current NBH share price at www.nyseamerican: NBH.

That’s obviously not an actual web address. Rather it’s the ticker code for Neuberger Berman Municipal Fund Inc, a company that has absolutely nothing to do with NBH Finance.

When exactly NBH Finance collapsed I can’t say for sure. Marketing spam for the Ponzi scheme appears to have dried up around September 2022.

What I can tell you is the collapse was preceded by another bullshit “hackers!” ruse last July:

NBH Finance was a simple 200% ROI Ponzi scheme launched in late 2021.

The scam appeared to have ties to Karatbars International, via marketing material put together by “Anton” From Karatbars.

Whether that’s an actual tie-in though or just an edited copy/paste document remains unclear.

In any event, pending the unlikely event authorities follow up on NBH Finance, total victim numbers and how much they collective lost is unknown.