My Protect Online are based out of Quezon City in the Philippines and claims to have been

established with a clear vision and mission for the Filipinos around the world, having its utmost commitment to help in terms of HEALTH and LIVELIHOOD’.

The company provides a “certificate of registration” and “company registration” with the Philippine SEC documents on their website under the company name “MyProtectLine INTL Company”. I was able to verify the SEC registration over at the Philippine SEC website (“”).

No explanation as to why the company is registered under a different name than the one they trade under is provided. One possible clue is evident in My Protect Online’s registration certificate, which lists the company’s “lines of business” as

  • wholesale of textiles, clothing footwear
  • wholesale of hardware, plumbing, heating equipment and
  • other wholesaling

No mention of MLM, online business or any similar and/or related categories are listed. In light of this I’d treat My Protect Online’s provided documents referring to the online business as suspect.

Named as President and Vice-President of My Protect Online are Noel Soriano and Jenny Luna respectively.

Possibly due to language barriers I was unable to find any MLM history for either Soriano or Luna.

I did however find a Facebook profile named “Brilliant Mind” with someone claiming to be the CEO and President of My Protect Online:


Whether or not this is Noel Soriano is unclear.

It’s also worth noting that the My Protect Online domain (“”) is registered to a Jason Barinaga with an address provided in the Philippine province of Rizal. This address differs to the corporate address provided on the My Protect Online website.

Who Jason Barinaga is and what is connection to My Protect Online is also unclear.

Read on for a full review of the My Protect Online MLM business opportunity.

The My Protect Online Product Line

My Protect Online has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market membership to the company itself.

Bundled with My Protect Online affiliate membership is access to an e-book library. The company however fails to provide any information or indication as to what e-book are available inside the library.

The My Protect Online Compensation Plan

The My Protect Online compensation plan revolves around the recruitment of new affiliates, paying out via 1-up, matrix, binary and profit-sharing models.

Note that all dollar amounts provided are in Philippine pesos (PHP). At the time of publication ₱1 PHP is equal to 23 cents US.

Recruitment Commissions

My Protect Online affiliates earn commissions on the recruitment of new affiliates. These commissions are paid out using a perpetual 1-up compensation structure.

An affiliate earns ₱100 on their first recruited affiliate, nothing on the second and then ₱400 for every affiliate they recruit after that.

The second recruited affiliate commission is passed up to their upline (the affiliate who recruited them). In this manner the second recruited affiliate commissions of those an affiliate recruits are also passed up to them.

Once an affiliate is passed up, all subsequent pass-ups (via recruitment to build a downline) are “coded” to the affiliate that was passed up to.

Matrix Commissions

My Protect Online’s matrix commissions are paid out via a 2×1 matrix. A 2×1 matrix places an affiliate at the top of two positions, both of which must be filled in order to generate a commission.


Once filled, referred to as a “cycle”, the affiliate at the top is paid ₱300 and placed into another matrix. When either of the two positions under the affiliate cycles (fill the two positions under them), the affiliate at the top again earns ₱400 a piece.

Binary Commissions

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of two binary sides, left and right.


Each side begins with one position, which then splits into two again and again down a theoretically infinite number of levels.

Each of these binary positions represents a recruited affiliate, either via direct recruitment or the recruiting efforts of an affiliates up and downlines.

Commissions are paid out using a pairing system, with pairs of recruited affiliates being counted on both sides of the binary on a 1:1 basis (a left side affiliate is paired with a right side affiliate).

For each pair generated within an affiliate’s binary, they are paid ₱100. Note that recruited affiliates can only be counted once for the purpose of calculating binary pairs.

Profit Sharing

Affiliates need to personally recruit at least ten affiliates each month to qualify for My Protect Online’s profit-sharing commission. Other than that no further information is provided in the My Protect Online compensation plan material.

Joining My Protect Online

Affiliate membership to My Protect Online is ₱668.

Note that when an affiliate withdraws commissions the company also charges a flat-rate 10% “tax”, a ₱75 admin fee and ₱75 “maintenance” fee. Every ten withdrawal requests also attract an additional ₱100 fee to cover funding for “community service programs”.


Whilst they’ve mostly died out in the western world, the old e-book library plus matrix combination MLM business model appears to still have legs elsewhere.

With no retail, 100% of the company’s revenue sourced from affiliates and a recruitment plan that solely pays out on the recruitment of others (either directly or via qualification), My Protect Online easily fits the definition of a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme.

Affiliates are charged ₱668 to enter the scheme and are then paid based on how many affiliates are recruited after them. Whether they personally recruit said affiliates or not is irrelevant, as it is the act of recruitment driving commissions that is the problem.

Affiliates will no doubt point to the e-book library as evidence of legitimacy by way of a product, however access to an e-book library does not legitimise a pyramid scheme. Affiliates are still paid out on the recruitment of new affiliates, regardless of what affiliate membership is attached to.

Once the recruitment of new affiliates into My Protect Online stops, so too do the commissions.