There is no information on the My PC Business website indicating who owns or runs the business. Infact there’s not much you can do at the My PC Business website other than sign up or read some disclaimers.

The company domain (‘’) was registered on the 20th June 2012, however the domain registration information is set to private.

Someone called ‘Holly Bowen’ has published all the topics in the My PC Business knowledgebase, but I was unable to locate any further information on this person and/or their position within the company.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The My PC Business Product Line

My PC Business has no retailable products, other than membership to the company.

As mentioned earlier, the My PC Business website provides no information on the company however with a little bit of poking around, it’s possible to learn that My PC Business are simply acting as resellers of ‘My PC Backup’:

The accompanying text on the above page reads,

If you’re already an active customer with MyPCBackup, an exception can be made so that you don’t need to create and pay for another MyPCBackup account.

If this is the case, just go through the normal process on your MyPCBusiness dashboard to get started.

Be sure to provide the email address you used for your MyPCBackup account if it’s different from the one you used at our site, and then indicate that you’re an existing paid customer with MyPCBackup when asked.

My PC Backup is a cloud-based backup service that My PC Business offer if you sign up with them. My PC Backup is a subscription based servce sold for between $8.95 to $12.95 a month.

The My PC Business Compensation Plan

My PC Business members sign new members up to the My PC Backup service. Upon doing so they then earn a cut of the monthly membership fees My PC Backup charge.

Commissions in My PC Business are paid out as follows:

  • your first two sales of the My PC Backup service pay out $20 each
  • the next two sales (3 and 4) pay out $30 each
  • sales 5 and 6 pay out $40 each
  • sales 7 onwards pay out $50 each

Referral commissions are also offered and are paid out down two levels:

  • $10 on the first sale each of your personally recruited members make
  • $10 on the first sale each of those recruited members makes

Joining My PC Business

Membership to My PC Business is free.


Despite having no retailable products themselves, with membership being free and no commissions paid out upon the recruitment of new members, My PC Business still manage to run a compensation plan grounded in the sale of a service.

That said, in requiring all members to signup to My PC Business before they can purchase anything, there are some potential issues over 100% internal consumption (lack of true retail) within the business as an MLM income opportunity.

My PC Backup most definitely has retail customers but mechanically in My PC Business this is not the case. There is no differentiation between retail customers and company members participating in the income opportunity.

I initially thought My PC Backup and My PC Business might be owned by the same people, but due to the specific wording used in the My PC Business knowledge base:

Due to the huge number of new customers our program generates, they pay us a larger one-time fee for each new customer, and we pass most of it on to our members.

On that note, one can’t help but notice that the commissions paid out per subscription service to My PC Backup sold don’t match up with the monthly membership fees charged.

My PC Business’ explanation for this is that

the MyPCBackup software costs between $8.95 to $12.95 a month, which would normally generate very small monthly commissions if you promoted such a product as an affiliate.

However, we know that most people prefer big upfront commissions so we’ve worked out a special arrangement with MyPCBackup to make this happen.

In effect, they’re paying out an advance commission based on a minimum number of months (90 days, or 3 months) a subscriber pays for the service.

So what happens if a subscriber cancels their subscription before 90 days?

If you were paid a commission for referring a user who cancels AND requests a refund from MyPCBackup within 90 days, your commission will also be “charged back” and deducted from your current balance.

As an affiliate, you pay back your advance commission. Fair, but definitely worth serious consideration when analysing the opportunity as a potential affiliate.

Especially when you consider this most likely includes referral commissions which, if you had a big enough downline could get really messy if a bunch of people decided to quit within 90 days within a short period of time.

Looking at the likelihood of keeping subscribers signed on for at least 90 days, one of the primary factors that needs to be looked at is the attraction of the My PC Backup product itself.

One indication of how much selling power the product has (rather than the income opportunity) is to look at how My PC Business themselves advertise the company.

When visiting the My PC Business website, you can watch a marketing video that tells you how much you can earn without revealing the actual product or what you’ll be doing, or blindly sign up to the company.

I can’t help but feel if My PC Business themselves aren’t marketing on the strengths of the My PC Backup service to attract new affiliates to their scheme, then there’s probably not going to be much hope for affiliates either.

What you then wind up with of course is a company full of affiliates merely paying subscription fees to a service because of the attached income opportunity, rather than any inherent value in the product itself.

Is My PC Backup of use as a service and of some value? Maybe. But if we took the My PC Business website as an indication, with no mention of it anywhere on the site it certainly doesn’t appear that way.

Oh and with My PC Backup offering an open affiliate and reseller program to the general public, it’s clear whoever is running My PC Business is most likely just a regular affiliate who’s decided to attach a MLM compensation plan to an existing affiliate program.

That said it’s still no excuse for not disclosing who is behind the company to potential members. That alone would be enough to turn me off the opportunity as a potential member.

Not good enough guys!