Model Farming has received a pyramid fraud warning from the Central Bank of Russia.

As per the CBR’s April 20th warning, Model Farming exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid”.

CBR’s warning cites both the .COM and .LIFE variants of Model Farming’s website.

As reviewed on BehindMLM last September, Model Farming is an agricultural themed Ponzi scheme.

Funds are invested into Model Farming on the promise of daily returns of up to 2.5%. Owing to nothing being marketed or sold to retail customers, the MLM side of Model Farming is in fact a pyramid scheme.

After collapsing sometime after our published review, traffic to Model Farming’s .COM website picked up again in early February. The primary source of traffic is still the US.

Model Farming’s .LIFE website collapsed in late January and remains dead.

The other interesting development is Model Farming appears to have morphed into a Boris CEO Ponzi.

Possibly in anticipation of the CBR’s fraud warning, on April 16th Model Farming published “MEET THE BRAINS BEHIND MFL AND ITS COMMUNITY.” to their official YouTube channel.

The video features a bunch of actors with, as far as I can tell, Central and South American accents.

Later in the video, in an attempt to pass itself off as a global company, Fivver style videos from randoms around the world give short 5 second PR quips.

It should be noted Model Farming’s official FaceBook page is managed from India.

Be it Russia or anywhere else in the world, Model Farming is not registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction.

Both the company and its promoters commit securities fraud globally.


Update 7th October 2022 – Model Farming has collapsed. As part of that collapse, Model Farming has deleted its official YouTube channel.

This article originally contained a link to its Boris CEO marketing video. Following the deletion I’ve disabled the previously accessible link.