Mitotic Money has collapsed with a “banking problems” exit-scam.

Mitotic Money disabled withdrawals on April 30th. After 48 hours of non-communication the company finally sent out an email to investors a few hours ago.

Mitotic Money had very few opportunities to consider withdrawals yesterday. The reason is the automation of payment transactions for the daily allowance bank.

Withdrawal requests are processed by the automated payment system every 15th and 30th. This helps maintain 100% integrity and transparency along with record retention.

Due to the current situation, this funds deduction will be postponed to the next 15th and work will continue on an integrated technology. As we are a global company, manual withdrawal processing is not recommended.

This of course makes no sense.  Mitotic Money solicits investment in cryptocurrency and can pay out at any time.

We have proposed to cancel all pending withdrawals and allow users to withdraw their funds on the next 15th.

We understand that various organizations have already given reasons and not kept their promises. We ask all users to keep faith in Mitotic Money and request a withdrawal on the 15th.

And with that, Mitotic Money gives itself just shy of a fortnight to create as much distance from itself and its investors.

As reviewed here on BehindMLM a week ago, Mitotic Money is a Boris CEO Ponzi scheme fronted by Venezuelan actors.

Russians are suspected of being behind the scam, although we can’t definitively rule out Ukrainians either.

Promotion of Mitotic Money has focused on Russia of late, prompting the Central Bank of Russia to issue a fraud warning back in February.