Meme Club has received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from Russia.

As per the Central Bank of Russia’s September 16th warning, Meme Club exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid” scheme.

As reviewed by BehindMLM last month, Meme Club is a Boris CEO Ponzi scheme.

The vast majority of Boris CEO Ponzi schemes originate from Russia. BehindMLM was able to confirm Meme Club used actors based out of St. Petersburg.

Meme Club’s initial Ponzi ruse was the usual trading bot nonsense, dressed up in meme marketing.

After that flopped the scam pivoted to gaming. “Meme Wars” is supposed to be some trashy mobile game in which players steal memes, upload them to the app and “battle”.

Meme Club was still marketing Meme Wars as of September 6th. It’s unclear whether they’ll continue now that Russian authorities are onto them.

SimilarWeb currently reports the vast majority of traffic to Meme Club’s website originates from France (42%). Vietnam (19%) and the US (17%) trail behind in second and third place.

While Meme Club traffic from France increased 510% month on month between July and August however, Vietnam is in decline and the US has flatlined.