Was it the Ponzi cycler business model, ties to the Waszupp Global and Noble 8 Revolution cyclers, religious affinity marketing model, or prior arrest of Johnny William Cabe for fraud that saw Members Choice collapse?

Who knows…

Comparing itself to a pregnancy however, Members Choice has informed affiliates it’s planning a reboot.

Do you remember what it was like to be pregnant? The anticipation? The excitement? And all that patient waiting… hoping… wondering… then the baby came!

Joy unspeakable and full of glory!

Well, Members Choice has been pregnant with expectation for a little while now and it is with great pride we announce the birth of the next giant in the network industry.

The birth announcement and compensation plan details will be released THIS MONDAY, August 13th @ Noon EST.

The meeting will be held by the proud dad, Pastor Howard Harrison.

YES, IT’S TRUE… Members Choice is RE-BORN and we are here and growing.

The original Members Choice business model combined a Ponzi cycler with pyramid recruitment.

I’m sure the reboot will be just as legitimate. Stay tuned for an updated review pending details.