Maxpread Technologies has received a pyramid fraud warning from Russia.

As per the Central Bank of Russia’s March 24th warning, Maxpread Technologies shows “signs of a financial pyramid” scheme.

Maxpread Technologies is an MLM crypto Ponzi that pitches up to 330% annually.

The scam is headed up by Albert Ignatev, a Russian national hiding out in Dubai.

In the west, Maxpread Technology promotion is headed up by Canadian national and serial Ponzi promoter Jan Gregory Cerato (aka Jan Strzepka).

Gregory initially cited himself as Maxpread Technology’s “Global Leader and Brand Manager”. He’s since been promoted to Chief Marketing Officer:

Overall traffic to Maxpread Technology’s website has increased over the past few months:

When BehindMLM reviewed Maxpread Technologies back in January, SimilarWeb tracked top sources of traffic to its website as Venezuela, Germany and Vietnam.

Maxpread Technologies recruitment in all three countries was short-lived and has collapsed.

As of Similar Web’s February 2023 traffic estimates, Maxpread Technologies recruitment has shifted to Russia (22%), the US (20%), France (16%) and Malaysia (10%).