Maverick The Collection has announced the closure of their MLM operations.

Founder Stephanie Jonas dropped the news on an April 17th Maverick the Collection FaceBook post.

Maverick The Collection launched back in 2019. BehindMLM reviewed Maverick The Collection last June, praising it for a strong focus on retail sales.

Jonas claims continuing to the run Maverick The Collection as an MLM is “unsustainable”.

After months of review, and a deep look into our current MLM business at Maverick The Collection, it is with a heavy heart that (I) announce that this aspect of the business is closing.

I have spent endless hours reviewing the business structure, compensation plan, finances, and overall success, and after 4 years of pouring my absolute everything into the MLM, it is just not sustainable any longer.

Whereas sudden MLM closures typically screw over distributors, from what I’ve seen Jonas’ decision has gone over well.

I know to most this comes as a shock, but to the people who have been by my side and working closely with me for the last year (they) know how hard it has been for us to keep this aspect of the business going.

As a non-MLM company, Maverick The Collection will continue as a boutique retail store and online wholesale supplier.