The CoinSpace website domain is registered to Danjel Pawl through an address in Malta. The CoinSpace website lists a different corporate address, also in Malta.

Whether Pawl actually exists is unknown, but CoinSpace’s attempts to represent the company is run out of Malta has caught the attention of Maltese authorities.

On December 20th, the Malta Financial Services Authority issued a warning against CoinSpace investment.

For those unfamiliar with the company, CoinSpace operate a Ponzi scheme through S-Coin Ponzi points.

As per the MFSA, CoinSpace

is offering a range of services related to crypto-currencies, including exchange and cloud mining services and appears to be offering the opportunity to ‘invest’ in the ownership of crypto-currencies.

The MFSA wishes to alert the public that Coinspace LTD. is not licenced or otherwiseauthorised by the MFSA to provide any investment or other financial services in or from Malta, which are required to be licenced or authorised under Maltese law.

The MFSA acknowledge that CoinSpace is registered in Malta, but this registration does not automatically extend to providing investment or financial services.

The public should also be aware that any investment opportunities promoted by Coinspace Ltd. are likely to be of a risky nature with a high risk of loss of money.

At the time of publication the CoinSpace website was offline.