lyoness-logoBack in March of 2014, the Swedish Gaming Board concluded an investigation into Lyoness.

Suspecting Lyoness was running a pyramid scheme, the Gaming Board forwarded their findings to police for further investigation.

That investigation has been quietly carried out for almost two years, with prosecutors deciding to drop the investigation last November.

Not because Lyoness was running a pyramid scheme, but because they felt it was “not possible to prove who” committed the crime.

That Lyoness was running a pyramid scheme in violation of Sweden’s Lotteries Act was not under contention, rather prosecutor’s didn’t know who to file charges against.

Not surprisingly, the prosecutor’s decision was appealed by the Gaming Board on the 29th of December.

The appeal will see the prosecutor’s decision submitted under review.

Perusal of the Lyoness website meanwhile reveals a “Lyoness Sweden AB” entity, with an address in Stockholm.

To what extent Lyoness has an actual physical presence in Sweden with corporate staff however, is unclear.

I’m giving Swedish prosecutor’s the benefit of the doubt and assuming they’ve investigated whether anyone at Lyoness Sweden can be prosecuted, otherwise their decision makes little sense.

In the absence of executive staff, even then surely “Lyoness Sweden AB” can be prosecuted? I mean the entity is surely tied to Lyoness Austria?

And if Lyoness Sweden AB is just a shell company, how about local affiliates? Single the top ones out like they do in the US and go after them.

I mean if running a pyramid scheme is illegal, surely promoting one is too?

We’ll keep you updated on any developments regarding the Gaming Board’s appeal. Stay tuned…