Michael Rutherford’s “Brian Underwood is a bully trying to steal my money!” lawsuit, has come to an unceremonious end.

On July 19th Rutherford, Underwood and Pruvit informed the court;

All of the parties’ claims in this lawsuit shall be dismissed, with prejudice, each party to bear its own attorneys’ fees and costs.

The court approved the filed stipulation and dismissed the case on July 20th. Details of the reached settlement have not been made public.

Rutherford filed suit against Pruvit back in May. in his lawsuit Rutherford accused Underwood of being a bully and cutting him off from his Ketones Rule Master Distributor earnings.

Underwood had been receiving 50% of Rutherford’s Ketones Rule distributorship earnings.

In late March 2023 Rutherford informed Underwood he was cutting him off. This prompted Underwood to get Pruvit to stop paying out Ketones Rules’ earnings altogether.

Following a response filing from Underwood, in June a TRO was granted returning Ketones Rule’s earnings to the 50/50 status quo.

There is nothing on the docket so suggest anything changed since then, suggesting Underwood and Rutherford are still sharing Ketones Rule earnings (whether it’s still a 50/50 split is unclear).

One thing we learned in Rutherford’s original Complaint is that Ketones Rule’s earnings had “dramatically increased recently”.

We don’t have financials to go on but SimilarWeb tracked a 24% decline in Pruvit’s website traffic between May and June 2023.

Pending any further updates we’ll keep you posted.