There is no information on the KalosLife website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The KalosLife website domain (“kaloslife.com”) was registered on the 6th of March 2013, naming a “Tim Wooten” as the domain owner with a supplied PO Box address in the US state of Alabama.

Further research on social media networks reveals KalosLife affiliates naming Wooten as the founder of the company. Upon learning this I did notice Wooten appearing on an image depicting the packaging of KalosLife’s product, however this information was too small to read and not included on the company’s “About Us” page.

I found claims of Wooten having run several previous MLM opportunities in the past by KalosLife affiliates, however I was only able to find information on Market One Inc.

Market One Inc. appears to have launched in the late 1990s and cobbled together a range of household and automotive products using a unilevel based compensation plan.

Today Market One Inc. no longer exists as an MLM opportunity and, due to a lack of information on the company online, I’m not sure which year specifically it closed.

Other than Market One Inc., I was unable to find Wooten’s involvement in any other MLM companies.

Read on for a full review of the KalosLife MLM business opportunity.

The KalosLife Product Line

KalosLife’s flagship product is “Therma Mend”.

Therma Mend is intended for topical application for temporary pain relief of joint pain, back pain, knee pain, arthritis pain, sore muscles, tired feet and achy elbows & hands.

Therma Mend is made in a State of the Art OTC Drug Manufacturing Facility that practices GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices – 21-CFR 210-211) and is regulated and inspected by FDA.

Therma Mend’s active ingredients are Menthol (10%) and Camphor (3%). The company sells Therma Mend in “trial size” tubes, retailing for $24.95 each.

A box of “trial size” Therma Mend tubes is also available, costing affiliates $125 for 100 tubes.

The KalosLife Compensation Plan

KalosLife’s compensation plan revolves around a binary compensation structure that pays out on the sale of trial tube boxes to affiliates, as well as a unilevel compensation structure for residual commissions from both an affiliate’s recruited downline and customers.

A bonus pool is also offered to affiliates, paid out according to how many trial tube boxes of Therma Mend an affiliate’s recruited downline purchase.

Retail Commissions

The KalosLife compensation plan glosses over retail commissions, simply stating affiliates can

make $200.00 profit on each and every case you sell.

Unfortunately however this does not appear to be true retail, as affiliates are the ones initially purchasing the product.

No mention is made of the $24.95 tubes available from an affiliate’s replicated storefont, so how much is earnt per retail sale of a tube is not known.

Binary Commissions

KalosLife pays affiliates on the product purchases of their recruited downlines using a binary compensation structure. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of the structure, with two positions directly under them.


These two positions form the start of two binary teams (left and right), and are filled via the recruitment of two new affiliates.

After these two initial affiliates are recruited, a KalosLife affiliate’s binary then continues to grow either via direct or indirect recruitment (each position extends to an additional two positions down infinite depth).

Commissions are paid out based on volume generated on both sides of the binary.

$300 in Therma Mend product sales generates 200 Business Volume (BV). When an affiliate’s binary teams have both generated 400 BV (400 BV on each side), that affiliate is paid a $100 commission.

KalosLife’s binary commission is payable weekly and capped at twenty $100 payments per week.

Note that the company’s compensation plan material does not state whether or not binary BV flushes at the end of the week or whether it carries over.

A referral commission is also paid out on the binary commissions generated by a KalosLife’s personally recruited affiliates. This is paid out as a $50 lump sum commission each time a personally recruited affiliate earns a $100 binary commission.

Residual Unilevel Commissions

KalosLife pay out affiliates a monthly residual commission via a unilevel style compensation plan. A unilevel style compensation plan places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate positioned directly under them (level 1).


If any of these level 1 affiliates go on to recruit new affiliates of their own, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team. If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

KalosLife cap unilevel commissions down seven levels of recruitment, paying out 7% on the sales volume of both individual $24.95 tubes of Therma Mend and the $125 trial tube boxes.

Pool Bonuses

For each case of trial pack Therma Mend tubes sold, the company puts $10 into a company wide pool.

This pool is paid out monthly to Kalos Life’s top six affiliates, with an affiliate’s share of the pool tied to the BV they’re recruited downline has generated (via purchasing of boxes of Therma Mend).

Shares are allocated at a rate of one box being equal to a one percent share in the pool, maxing out when all 100% of the bonus pool (100 boxes) have been accounted for.

What happens if one affiliate sells over one hundred boxes is not immediately clear as there’s no mention of a share percentage cap in KalosLife’s compensation plan material.

Joining KalosLife

Affiliate membership to KalosLife is free.


I think the biggest challenge KalosLife affiliates are going to face is the price range of the products in the retail market.

That’s not to say Therma Mend doesn’t work, it could very well be the best pain relief topical cream on the market, however as the flagship product of an MLM company I’m not sure that’s going to be enough.

Ignoring the cases of trial tubes, seeing as I can’t see retail customers purchasing them, that leaves the $24.95 singe tubes. As per the KalosLife compensation plan, retail commissions on the sale of single Therma Mend tubes seems to only be paid out via the unilevel at a rate of 7%.

That’s $1.75 per tube.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that but when building an MLM business around such a low base-rate commission, “challenging” is probably putting it lightly.

Especially due to the nature of the product. Again, I’m not questioning whether or not Therma Mend works but let’s face it, the market for it is always going to be limited. And, if it works, will limit repeat business.

One could make the argument of targeting those with long-term conditions, however I think people in that situation are probably going to be relying on prescription-based heavier medication rather than a short-term topical solution.

I’m not an expert in this area though so by all means evaluate that last point and get a feel of the local market in your area.

The viability of Therma Mend from an MLM perspective is important to take into consideration as, in leading with a trial size product that pays considerably more upfront (via the binary) then retail sales of individual tubes of Therma Mend, the temptation to focus on affiliate recruitment and the ongoing purchase of trial tube boxes will always loom.

And this isn’t just something KalosLife affiliates will need to consider, it’s also evident on the company side of things too. Marketing spiels like this certainly don’t help:

Just as you needed inventory for your new business, those distributors you bring in will need inventory for their new business.

I have no problem with affiliate purchase of products but to call it “inventory” is misleading. After purchasing product an affiliate can resell them (not true retail as the company only generates revenue from the affiliate), or they can just as easily store them in their garage, toss them in the bin or offload them as free samples.

Inventory is what KalosLife themselves stock on the company side of things, ready to ship out to both affiliates and retail customers.

As a potential KalosLife affiliate I’d pay particular attention to how you are approached about the opportunity and whether your potential upline leads with the product or the opportunity.

As usual, enquiries into their retail vs. affiliates purchasing boxes of trial tubes commission payouts would also be advised.

In summary, the product is solid however due to its limited application, how it’s used and the price-point, I’m not really seeing KalosLife surviving as a primary MLM business opportunity over the long-term.