When you do network marketing, you’re run by a corporation. They have you by the balls.

You’re at their mercy and for no reason, no reason whatsoever, they can terminate you.

That’s not really freedom. You’re not really your own boss.

-Dina Lynn, Facebook (Dec 23rd, 2016)

Juice Plus is a Tennessee based MLM company that market supplements they claim are the ‘next best thing to fruits and vegetables‘.

Dina Lynn joined Juice Plus three years ago after she was introduced to it by a friend.

I was skeptical but thought I had nothing to lose. I worked my business, followed the path taken by others who were successful, worked a daily DMO, built relationships, attended conferences and grew into leadership.

As part of her Juice Plus business strategy, Lynn (right) used Facebook to manage a large group.

I started a group on Facebook and my group grew to five thousand people overnight.

From like twenty people to five thousand people it grew, cause people wanted what I had.

And the thing is I would spent nights researching and nights trying to find resources and like answer the right questions and be a goldmine for people.

I started this group and it grew. But then I was told my (Juice Plus) leadership saying, “Dina, don’t water anybody else’s lawn before you water your own lawn”. Meaning don’t help other people until you help your own people.

I want to help everybody, that was my intention.

When they told me that I go “Ok, so I guess I’m going to close it”.

Lynn rose to the rank of Senior Sales Coordinator and claims she was earning enough to cover her rent, utilities and care for her dogs.

Don’t be fooled though. Even at a leadership position the income is not enough to sustain a small family little lone a single person.

I relied on this income but it could not sustain me. I decided to add an additional steam of income sharing a spice.

Dina Lynn owns Timeless Turmeric and is in the process of setting up product distribution throughout the US.

Timeless Turmeric is not an MLM company and, to the best of my knowledge, Juice Plus do not sell any turmeric specific products (although several of their products do contain turmeric among other things).

Lynn began promoting Timeless Turmeric through her defunct Juice Plus Facebook group.

It was not competitive and it was not a network marketing company. I even shared with my network that both of these products worked hand in hand to improve my health.

I never made disparaging remarks about the company, the product and in fact I was committed to the company and knew this was a win win for me.

I used my personal pages and groups that I created and built to share my message about food and healthy living.

These pages were my pages. Not the company pages, not groups or personal pages of others.

This purportedly attracted the attention of other Juice Plus leadership affiliates, some of whom were members of Lynn’s Facebook group.

On December 16, 2016 I received a call from Tom Mathis, Internal Affairs at Juice Plus.

He was curt, callous and mean spirited questioning my spice business and informed me that he was getting complaints from other leaders in the company about me.

Lynn claims prior to receiving Mathis’ call, she was never personally contacted by any Juice Plus leaders about Timeless Turmeric.

Mr. Mathis’s behavior to me was in such a manner of bullying that I enlisted my Sponsor to do a three way call with me.

He stated that there was a problem with my non-competitive and non-mlm product.

As with most MLM companies, Juice Plus’ affiliate agreement only prohibits direct competition with the company.

Again, Juice Plus doesn’t have a turmeric centric product, nor was Lynn marketing Timeless Turmeric in competition with Juice Plus.

Mr. Mathis had complete disregard to me as a human in the way he spoke to me.

Complete cruel disregard to me, even for someone who spent three yrs of their life building a team, qualifying my business monthly and being an example to others as a leader.

Following the phonecall Lynn reached out to her upline, only to find nobody was available (or willing) to assist her.

They were all sick or had someone who was sick (so good for a company who promotes healthy immune systems by taking their products).

On December 21st Lynn received another call from Mathis.

Mr. Mathis reached out back to me in the same manner that he treated me on the first call.

I asked who his boss was and he said the “board of directors” and to not even think of going to them or that would be an immediate grounds for termination. I was appalled and hung up.

I knew that the CEO, Jay Martin should know about this man.

On December 22, 2016 in the morning I called Mr Martin’s office and spoke to his secretary to leave a message. Mr. Martin was traveling.

10 minutes after leaving a message with his secretary I was terminated by email.

Mr. Mathis said I would not get my last paycheck.

The official reason for Lynn’s termination was her refusal to stop promoting Timeless Turmeric products. Juice Plus also claimed Lynn had brought their brand into disrepute.

I’ve done everything ethically, I’ve done everything morally, I’ve done everything legally, I’ve not done anything weird.

I don’t spam. You can talk to every single one of my customers and ask them, did I reach out to them?

No, they reached out to me.

I did not disrupt any sales force, I did not bring bad name to the company but the company decided to let a few other leaders who I had no relationship with determine my fate.

Essentially, the company is a scam when they can take what you built away in a minute when you did nothing wrong and when you did not break any rule or covenant.

Lynn didn’t take the news of her termination well, and took to Facebook to express her frustration at the company’s decision.

Tom Mathis … you don’t know who I am, you don’t know what I’ve done.

You’re sitting there in your corporate office with your fucking fancy car and looking out of whatever floor you’re on.

Collecting millions of dollars and picking on someone who’s paying their fucking rent and their utilities and you took it away from me you asshole.

This attracted the attention of Elton DuBose, Vice-President of Juice Plus.

DuBose personally offered Lynn an undisclosed amount of money to delete her social media posts about her termination.

Elton said he didn’t want to talk about what happened but rather offer me some money to remove the video and move on.

With this action, he was standing by Mr. Mathis’s behavior and stating that it was acceptable.

No amount of money can silence me especially when its the truth.

As far as I can tell, Dina Lynn was running a successful and growing Juice Plus business.

She was passionate about the products and had a healthy base of retail customers. The sort of affiliate most MLM companies would love to have out there promoting and selling their products.

There’s no question that had Timeless Turmeric taken off, Lynn’s Juice Plus business would have most likely faltered.

But in the absence of a Juice Plus turmeric specific product and Timeless Turmeric not being an MLM opportunity, how exactly is that grounds for termination?

If Lynn’s efforts at marketing turmeric were successful enough to attract the ire of other Juice Plus leadership affiliates, surely a smart company would approach her about possibility adding the product to their own range?

I don’t want to get bogged down with the specifics of such a business partnership, but sounds to me like Lynn was onto something.

Bring her on as a consultant, buy the business idea outright… the Timeless Turmeric products are complimentary to Juice Plus’ existing range.

If there’s a market, do what you need to do give Juice Plus customers what they’re after.

But no. Instead we have a company terminating someone who got into MLM as a first-timer, worked their ass off and was was seeing results.

This is my first time doing it and guess what people?

This is my last time doing it. I will never do network marketing again.

Three days before Christmas no less.

I get the need for non-competitive clauses, as there’s all manner of dodgy crap going on in the MLM industry (only a small percentage of which is publicly covered here).

When people inside the industry are doing it right though, that is providing greater value to their customers of their own initiative, in a manner that’s completely in alignment with the spirit of their affiliate agreement, you don’t go and terminate them.

It’s not over yet. I am a fighter and a survivor. I am not a victim.

At the time of publication Dina Lynn’s Facebook video has been viewed nearly five thousand times.

I was unable to find any public response from Juice Plus regarding the matter.


Update 11th January 2017 – Dina Lynn has since removed most of the content regarding her Juice Plus termination from her Facebook feed. Not sure what the story is there.