jeunesse-logoFollowing the signing of an $90,000 secret backroom deal, Matthew Nestler’s affiliate membership with Jeunesse was terminated eight months later.

Jeunesse claimed Nestler failed ‘to adequately support the distributors he sponsored’. Nestler’s subsequently filed lawsuit meanwhile detailed a shifty conspiracy to transfer his business to his former immediate downline.

Then Jeunesse president Darren Jensen and Kevin Giguere, the affiliate who inherited Nestler’s Jeunesse business, claimed Nestler made death threats in response to losing his business.

Nestler responded by claiming Jeunesse were trying to “bury him“.

The matter has been slowly playing out in court over the past year, with news that a settlement was reached late last month.

Kevin Thompson, representing Matthew Nestler in his lawsuit, published the settlement announcement to Facebook on December 31st.

I’m pleased to report that the dispute between my client, Matt Nestler, and Jeunesse has been worked out.

Jeunesse and Matthew Nestler have entered into an out-of-court settlement of their lawsuit pending in the Circuit Court of Seminole County, Florida.

The parties are pleased to have resolved their differences so that each may refocus attention on their respective businesses.

The settlement fully resolves the claims asserted by each of the parties against the other.

As part of the settlement, both parties deny any liability to the other, and both agree to abide by specific parameters governing their future business dealings and activities.

The specific terms of the settlement are confidential, but both parties agree that the terms are fair and are a reasonable resolution to the contested litigation.

Due to the confidential nature of the settlement, the terms of it, like Nestler’s Jeunesse affiliate membership, will remain buried.

My take is that Nestler was probably paid off. Nestler had nothing else to lose by proceeding with litigation, and the resurrection of his Jeunesse business was obviously not going to happen.

Jeunesse had already had a substantial amount of dirty laundry aired, with continuation of Nestler’s lawsuit only likely to reveal more shenanigans.

As part of the settlement Nestler’s probably barred from taking any further action against the company, with the payout he received reflecting that.

I suppose it’s a positive that the parties involved are now able to move on, but ultimately disappointing that Jeunesse folded. Yeah nobody publicly admitted liability, but the terms Nestler would have agreed to would have been pretty narrow (otherwise he wouldn’t have filed the lawsuit in the first place).

I suppose it’s something too that if other Jeunesse affiliates get shafted on their secret deals, at least they’ve now got a blueprint for recourse.


Footnote: A reminder that the above opinions about the Nestler Jeunesse settlement are explicitly just that, opinions. They are based on what information is publicly known about the case and should not be construed as the actual terms of the settlement.

The actual terms of the Nestler Jeunesse settlement are known only to the parties involved and their respective attorneys.