jeunesse-logoWhen Vemma’s Young People Revolution (read: Alex Morton’s downline) jumped ship for Jeunesse, there was a bit of confusion surrounding the different product lines.

Awkward videos and testimonials began to pop up, from people who clearly didn’t give a crap about skincare.

Lip-service to the FTC or a genuine about-face on a product niche they’d previously expressed no interest in, but were now wildly excited about?

Who knows.

What we do know though is that this weekend Jeunesse unveiled a new product range under its existing Nevo energy drink line.


Eerie dejavu or am I just being too damn cynical?

nevo-energy-drink-old-packaging-jeunesseNevo itself has for some time been part of Jeunesse’s product lineup, albeit in yogurt drink “old generation” style packaging.

What with the sudden influx of Vemma affiliates following Alex Morton in droves though, I suppose something more closely aligned with Vemma’s Verve was inevitable.

As it stands, between Jeunesse and Vemma old pyramid scheme model there isn’t much.

You’ve got binary cycles on the compensation side of things, affiliates paying large sums of money for packs when they sign up and a product line that has been redesigned to make it more attractive to young people.

Recruitment? Yeah, that’s the core focus in Jeunesse too:

As it stands now Jeunesse look more than ever set to follow in Vemma’s footsteps.

Expect Nevo to start popping up in college campuses and, if you’re unfortunate enough to be within the #YPR age demographic, friends you haven’t heard from in years call up and pitch you with business presentations.

Meanwhile with it looking increasingly like Vemma are going to lose their FTC lawsuit and, as a side-effect, pioneer a new standard of retail focus within the industry, how long before Jeunesse fall under the regulatory microscope?

History is repeating itself folks and you’ve got a front seat on the action. Good times.