France’s Financial Markets Regulator has issued an investment warning against Kuvera Global.

The AMF, France’s top financial regulator, observes that Kuvera Global are enticing “young audiences” to “trad(e) on highly speculative products”.

The company KUVERA LLC / KUVERA France offers the sale of subscriptions and the sale of training software tools presented as an aid to very risky investments in Forex trading and crypto-assets.

These proposals are particularly aimed at a very young audience including high school students.

Concerned parents and teachers of students have reported students dropping out of school, prompting the AMF to investigate.

While the regulator can’t shut Kuvera Global down (Kuvera Global and its parent company Investview are US companies), the AMF warns the public

not to respond to the solicitations of this company and not to relay them to third parties, in any form whatsoever.

Neither Kuvera Global or Investview are authorized to solicit investment in France.