InvesableAI has collapsed.

In a September 17th email sent out to investors, InvesableAI advised withdrawals have been disabled.

InvesableAI’s exit-scam ruse of choice is “market volatility”.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I hope this message finds you in good health despite the challenging times we find ourselves in.

Market Volatility

We must have an open and honest conversation. In recent times, the cryptocurrency market has exhibited extreme volatility.

While our trading bot has performed remarkably well over the past three months, it’s vital to recognize that crypto trading inherently carries risks.

We embarked on this journey together, driven by the promise of substantial profits and bonuses.

We’re immensely grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us, especially during the prosperous times. However, we now find ourselves facing adversity, and we humbly call upon your continued support.

Here are the key announcements for today:

Firstly, to address the situation comprehensively, we are taking immediate measures.

We will temporarily halt all withdrawals, and investments, and pause all packages. Our immediate focus is resolving pending withdrawals.

We understand this may cause inconvenience, and we ask for your understanding and patience during this critical period.

We anticipate that this could take up to one week, but please know that our team is working diligently.

Secondly, we must candidly address the road ahead. We request your unwavering support during this challenging time.

While market conditions may be adverse, we firmly believe that together, we can navigate these stormy waters.

We urge you to consider the bigger picture. The allure of quick riches is tempting, but we must stand united even in the face of adversity. We ask you to give our team 40 days to recover the losses and restore stability.

To prevent a flood of complaints to regulators while InvesableAI carries out its exit-scam, investors have been promised refunds.

InvesableAI has also threatened to sue anyone who speaks out about the Ponzi scheme;

Lastly, a word of caution. We’ve taken steps to ensure our project’s security and stability. Our legal team is prepared to defend our interests if necessary.

We share this not to threaten but to protect the project, its integrity, and your investments.

In closing, this is the update for today. We implore you to support us during this trying period as we work tirelessly to restore stability and profitability.

InvesableAI is expected to complete its exit-scam over the next forty days, after which the Ponzi scheme will cease communication.

InvesableAI launched in June 2023. Through an AI trading bot ruse, the Ponzi scheme solicited investment on the promise of up to 125% over 25 days.

Heading up InvesableAI were Lee Dalton and Richmond Ray.


Dalton is an Australian citizen believed to be based out Malaysia. Ray is believed to be based out of Singapore.

In August 2023 SimilarWeb tracked ~187,000 visits to InvesableAI’s website, the majority of which originated from the US (62%).

Pending regulatory action, total InvesableAI victim numbers and how much they’ve lost remain unknown.


Update 25th March 2024 – InvesableAI is under investigation in Singapore.