intellashares-logoJay Fantano hails from New York and describes himself as “a golf professional” who “teaches privately and competes locally”.

Fantano is also one of the four admins of IntellaShares, a $2.50 micro Ponzi scheme.

IntellaShares launched earlier this year, with Fantano assuring investors this was going to be a different type of opportunity:

We are competent, convicted, and committed.

We have seen enough failures in the last 90 days and we want to do something about it.

Despite such reassurances, a few weeks ago IntellaShares collapsed. Fantano and his admins were quick to announce a relaunch, but as of yet nothing has materialized.

Against a backdrop of previous Ponzi failures that purportedly spurred on the launch of IntellaShares, some of the schemes investors have gotten restless.

Now, in an effort to quell their concerns, Fantano has issued an ultimatum.

The concept of a Ponzi blacklist, wherein Ponzi admins from around the world can look up trouble-maker investors (read: those who ask questions), is a novel concept.

Especially when you consider that those who make the loudest noise when a Ponzi runs out of funds, are also likely going to be those who invested the most.

Admins who participated would be, as it were, biting the hands that feed the schemes they operate.

Nonetheless, in a recent update sent out to IntellaShares investors, a frustrated Fantano wrote:

We are only working as hard as we can. The mean messages to us are de motivation and cause the process to take longer.

I’m surprised at how little patience some people have. Couldn’t imagine what some of you are like in the DMV LOLOL.

It seems you want everything perfect, don’t want to wait, don’t listen or read updates and while we are working our asses off yore (sic) just going to jump into a handful of quarter mile sprint programs.

When we make announcements that’s when you will get updates.

Have some respect, class, and appreciation. Also try to remember that we are a company and not a democratic organization with public obligations.

We operate in the realm of reality, I (Jay) personally recommend you do the same.

…..etc, I don’t see members lining up to help with anything they can. I could ask, but that doesn’t prove much loyalty.

And in reference to the die hards and supporters, you are noticed and will be rewarded for your steadfastness.

Disputers and openly disrespectful members will be added to an industry BLACKLIST that will be available to program owners only

So be careful what you do now it could result in loss of ability to become a member of any program in short order.

Accountability…. Is coming. Real company, real people, real products.

Who owns or operates the purported “industry blacklist” Fantano plans to add troublesome IntellaShares investors to, was not disclosed.

As for when IntellaShares’ “real company, real people and real products” might surface, investors who dare to raise the question were given the following response:

No push over admins here, don’t even waste the energy, be patient and helpful. Start NOW’S



I for one meanwhile welcome the news of Jay Fantano’s Ponzi blacklist. It’ll certainly make it easier to track who’s involved in the various Ponzi schemes doing the rounds.

Anyone know where can I get a copy?