Infinity Pi initially launched on or around August 2023.

The original Ponzi scheme was built around Pi token and collapsed in October.

Shortly thereafter a reboot was announced, this time built around infinity token.

Infinity Pi 2.0, as it was dubbed, followed the same business model as the first Ponzi.

  1. invest in shitcoin
  2. number go up because new victims invest
  3. steal their money

This worked for a few weeks until November 14th, wherein early investors from the original Infinity Pi launch started cashing out.

These scammers bought in at 1 to 20 cents and cashed out at around $5.50.

Between November 14th and December 13th Infinity Pi 2.0’s early investors (and presumably the admins by this point), continued to cash out.

A day or so ago infinity token was sitting at $1.71. Then, in the space of about 24 hours, what was left was cashed out – dumping infinity token to 5-6 cents.

In other words, Infinity Pi 2.0 lasted about two weeks before entering a month-long exit-scam that ended today.

Total Infinity Pi losses are believed to run into a few million. SimilarWeb tracked ~54,000 visits to Infinity Pi’s website throughout November 2023.

This traffic was made up of 10% from the UAE (scammers in Dubai), 83% from US, 3% from Canada and 1% from Australia (their victims).

Infinity Pi and its reboot are believed to have been run by Chinese scammers, hiding in Asia and/or Dubai.


Update 11th January 2024 – Infinity Pi has been rebooted for a third time as Infinity X.