Following a series of launch disasters, iHub Global victims are now being funnelled into TranzactCard.

iHub Global surfaced in early 2021. The company sold “Coolspot” Helium Network (HNT) mining devices, which they pitched as “money machines”.

Cue the usual crypto hopium marketing…

…and here’s how HNT is actually going circa July 2023:

Helium Network was a grift that pitched a WIFI network designed for use with low-power “internet of things” devices.

Between June 2021 and August 2022 Helium Network raised $53.3 million from gullible investors selling mining machines. Just $92,000 was generated from wifi network fees.

Helium Network, and by proxy iHub Global, was nothing more than a crypto spin on selling miners shovels back in the gold rush era.

The only people who made money were Helium Network and iHub Global executives and top recruiters.

After Helium Network collapsed iHub Global, through “iHub Meta”, funneled affiliates into OpenView Network.

On its website Openview Network states it is

backed up by one of the largest reseller networks in the world, i-Hub Global, with over 1.4 million Affiliates worldwide.

Partnered with major third-party hardware suppliers and ad networks including Bing, Google, Loop, Propellor, and more.

Openview Network was supposed to launch an OVN cryptocurrency – but instead exit-scammed without delivering on its marketing promises.

This left iHub Global affiliates (once again) holding “worthless points”.

Other grifts iHub Global has pitched to affiliates include a discount travel portal, ERC tax credit scheme and LoopTV.

iHub Travel is a low-effort attempt to populate iHub Global’s backoffice with a product/service.

The ERC tax credit scheme is still around but LoopTV, something about selling digital signage to businesses, has also collapsed.

As disclosed on company webinars, iHub Global’s “strategic partnership” with TranzactCard “started a few months ago”.

Part of the agreement, which will see iHub Global executives financially compensated for funneling affiliates into TranzactCard, is converting OVN points into Z-Bucks.

As stated by TranzactCard founder Richard Smith on a recent iHub Global webinar;

You’re gonna be able to take the points that were gonna go away, that are useless, we’re gonna have a conversion table and you come over and build at TranzactCard. You’ll receive Z-Bucks for that.

Z-Bucks are rewards offered through use of TranzactCard’s VISA debit card. TranzactCard represents each Z-Buck holds a $1 value in its yet to launch ecommerce platform.

iHub Global CIO Eric Zhivalyuk claims iHub Global has sent out 200,000 emails promoting TranzactCard.

The majority of those email recipients are believed to have lost money across iHub Global’s various failed ventures.

A few weeks ago TranzactCard acknowledged its prelaunch has been “a mess”.

Thus far TranzactCard is shaping up to be a repeat of Smith’s previous failed MLM venture R Network; fees are collected on “coming soon” promises that never eventuate.

Smith has set a November 12th deadline for TranzactCard to launch as promised.