The HyperMood Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Withdrawals were disabled on May 4th, after a “black hole” fairytale exit-scam news update.

To be clear, HyperMood has collapsed. HyperMood’s YouTube and Twitter accounts have been scrubbed, and the website will probably disappear soon.

If confirmation HyperMood has collapsed is all you’re after, you can stop reading.

If you want to see how little Ponzi scammers think of crypto bros, here’s the full “black hole” fairytale exit-scam ruse;

Once upon a time, in a far-off galaxy, there was a universe called Hypermood that was filled with all kinds of different worlds. Each world had its own unique atmosphere, inhabitants, and technology.

Many of the worlds were connected through transport networks, allowing for trade and travel between them.

However, all of this changed when a massive black hole began to form at the center of Hypermood. At first, the inhabitants of the universe didn’t think much of it.

They had seen black holes before and knew they were dangerous but typically stayed in place. However, this one was different.

As the black hole grew, it began to exert a gravitational pull on everything around it. At first, it was just small debris and asteroids that were pulled in and destroyed, but soon entire planets were being dragged towards it.

The inhabitants of Hypermood knew they had to act fast or risk being pulled in as well.

They gathered their scientists and engineers, and they worked tirelessly to devise a plan to stop the black hole. They tried throwing everything they could at it, from spaceships to weapons, but nothing seemed to work.

As the black hole grew larger and more intense, panic began to spread throughout Hypermood. People started evacuating their worlds, trying to get as far away from the black hole as possible. But it was already too late.

One by one, the worlds of Hypermood began to collapse and implode as they were dragged towards the black hole’s event horizon. Communication networks went silent, transportation routes were destroyed, and whole civilizations were wiped out.

In the end, there was nothing anyone could do. The black hole had grown too large and too powerful to be stopped.

Hypermood, once a vibrant and thriving universe, was now reduced to nothing more than a dark, empty void. Its collapse had left behind only a few scattered debris and remnants of what was once a beautiful universe.



HyperMood’s collapse and “black hole” fairytale exit-scam coincided with Star Wars Day. I wouldn’t read anything too much into it though, other than this was likely planned in advance.

HyperMood is believed to have ties to Russian scammers. The Ponzi, which only recently launched in March, saw investors pitched daily returns of up to 5% over 39 days.

Obviously the majority of investors never got near that. The timing of HyperMood’s collapsed was structured to to steal as much money prior to withdrawals.

As an endnote, I did contemplate going with something other than “fairytale exit-scam”. In light of HyperMood’s news update though, I figured a bunch of crypto bros getting sucked into a giant black hole was a great outcome for everybody.

Indeed a classic fairytale happy-ending, if you will.


Update 7th May 2023 – HyperMood’s website is now offline.