GSpartners has terminated an investor’s account after he publicly discussed withdrawal delays.

GSPartners then threatened the investor with legal action if public discourse surrounding the delays wasn’t taken down.

US resident Vaughan Morrill runs the YouTube channel “Unlimited Freedom”. Through Unlimited Freedom, Morrill promotes various fraudulent investment opportunities.

One of those opportunities is GSPartners, a Dubai-based investment scheme run by Josip Heit.

On September 10th, 2023, Morrill uploaded a video to Unlimited Freedom titled, “DELAYS at GSPARTNERS! Is this the BEGINNING OF THE END? You heard it HERE FIRST!”

In the nine and a half minute video, Morrill discussed GSPartners withdrawal delays.

[0:04] This is going to be a GSPartners update. Want to get into a couple of things that have been happening over the weekend with GSPartners, starting on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday and Friday we were getting a message up here on top that said;

“GSPartners was experiencing delays in deposits and withdrawals for USDT ERC20.”

[0:44] Now, here it is Sunday night and they have another banner, saying “We are experiencing delays in deposits and withdrawals for TRX/TRC20 transactions because of node update.”

Morrill didn’t believe the ruse and claimed it “smelled like bullcrap”.

[1:05] That smells like when my dog makes a mistake, right? It smells like somebody made a mistake right there on my bed, right? And I woke up to *sniffs*, “Ugh, what is that smell?”

GSPartners has been going for two years. And while this may be a temporary delay, what have we seen in this space guys? What do we always see in this space? What happens?

Delays. Slow pay, right? And slow pay usually turns into no pay.

Morrill went on to claim he’d “deposited a large sum of money” on the previous Friday, which as of Sunday had “not shown up” in his GSPartners backoffice.

[2:41] Now I wrote a support ticket to GSPartners and of course I was ignored … I have been going up the chain of command.

[3:14] Now I’ve gone up two uplines, right? And I’ve been blocked, right? I’ve been blocked by a female representative of GSPartners.

Why was I blocked? Because I asked for assistance, right? I asked for help with this. Boom, blocked.

[4:09] But now, now I see this message. Oh-kay. The team is working to reduce the delay as soon as possible, right? We’re experiencing delays in deposits and withdrawals for TRX/TRC20 transactions because of node update.

Oh sure, the node update. Of course. Hey guys, it’s a node update. Hey guys, you know those node updates that we have? Well yeah we’re having one, and it’s delaying your withdrawals. And it’s delaying your deposits.

Clearly not buying it, Morrill went on to declare “this could be the beginning of the end of GSPartners”.

[5:14] This could be the beginning of the collapse of GSPartners. It’s been going on for two plus years, this could be it guys.

They have weathered a lot of storms, they have gotten through a lot of different things, but we know that bullcrap malarkey like this is a bunch of bullcrap. We know that, it’s a bunch of bullcrap. We know.

Slow pay usually turns into no pay.

Hypothesizing on what might happen when GSPartners collapses, Morrill stated;

[8:36] Now GSPartners is run by some slick people, right? So they’re not going to… I don’t think they’re gonna fully exit.

I think they’ll rebrand. They’ll come up with a load of excuses, right?

The point is GSPartners as we know it, it could be that today is the day that GSPartners’ heart stopped beating.

Later that same day Morrill uploaded a follow up video titled, “GS PARTNERS GAME OVER??? Update Part 2!!! GSP Came through… but for HOW LONG??? (Orange Pill)”.

[2:12] This morning I got up and I had received a message from support, that they had received my support ticket and fixed my issue.

So I logged into GSPartners and lo and behold the USDT that I had sent over Friday morning, has come through and is now showing in my GSPartners backoffice.

[3:54] So, is the red flag over, is the warning over? No.

I deposited the money Friday morning. Then my support ticket was ignored until I went so far up the chain of command.

Remember the lady who blocked me? Well I got back with the person under her and I said, “Hey, she blocked me.”

And then he went to her and she unblocked me, right? And finally said, “OK, what do you want?” Right? And I told her.

And she must have got to somebody and said, “Hey, let’s get this guy’s… let’s get this guy’s problem resolved.”

It should not take so much work to get a simple problem resolved. I should have sent the support ticket, gotten the support ticket back and gotten the problem resolved that same day.

Laying out what his next course of action was, Morrill went on to state;

[5:59] I’m gonna try to withdraw my money, right? I’m not gonna be… I was gonna invest more into GSPartners but now I’m just gonna try to get the money out.

Because delays are a red flag. Slow pay usually turns to no pay. We know that in this space.

[6:30] For me, for right now? I’m taking that money back out.

I might put it in back later, right? If they figure this… whatever issue they’re having with the node right? Of course, the node, right? Give me a break.

Whatever issue they’re having, if they get it fixed then I’ll probably put my deposit back in. But right now I’m gonna try and get that crypto.

(I’ve) got to. It would be stupid not to try to get it back at this point.

Things seems to have resolved themselves by September 14th, prompting Morrill to put out a GSPartners marketing video.

Morrill’s next GSPartners update came earlier today, in an “emergency” stream discussing InvesableAI’s collapse.

[18:24] I already have another company threatening legal action against me, because I said something… I made a warning on a YouTube video, right?

GSPartners, they started messing up with their ERC20 and TRC20 deposits and withdrawals. And I made a warning video to say, “Hey, this is a bad sign, right? This is a bad sign that they’re having this issue”.

[18:54] I said personally it’s a bad sign and I’m not going to be doing any more investing for the moment, until they get whatever fixed.

Now I said that and my account was terminated. 

So they terminated my account, my GSPartners account, and they threatened legal action if I don’t take the video down. They said they’re going to sue me.

[20:32] I talked to some of the higher ups and that doesn’t work, because the higher ups are… and this is GSPartners guys, the higher ups are, they are Jim Jones Kool-Aid.

They’re totally, totally blind allegiance, hypnotized cult members. Who would probably jump off a bridge if GSPartners told them to. Right? Scary stuff. Scary stuff.

[37:55] They’re likely probably gonna steal my money. If they do give it back I’ll let you guys know but likely they’re not going to.

GSPartners solicits investment through a “certificates” scheme. Investors, primarily from the US and Canada, are pitched on passive returns of up to 5% a week.

GSPartners is not registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction, prompting multiple securities fraud warnings from Alberta (GSPartners, G999, GSTrade), Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario,

The SEC warns consumers that securities fraud and Ponzi schemes go hand-in-hand.

Any investment in securities in the United states remains subject to the jurisdiction of the SEC.

We are concerned that the rising use of virtual currencies in the global marketplace may entice fraudsters to lure investors into Ponzi and other schemes.

Ponzi schemes typically involve investments that have not been registered with the SEC or with state securities regulators.

US authorities have yet to take any public action but GSPartners is assumed to be under investigation in the US.

To date neither GSPartners or its executives have addressed GSPartners committing securities fraud, or the regulatory fraud warnings out of Canada.


Update 25th September 2023 – Vaughan Morrill has marked the two Unlimited Freedom YouTube videos cited in this review as private.

This article originally contained links to the videos, which I’ve now disabled.