GSB Global has received a securities fraud cease and desist from Texas.

Respondents named in the Texas State Securities Board’s February 29th order are GSB Global, Carson Williams, Sheila Thompson, Patrick Snider and Keneth Henderson.

GSB Global operated from the website domain “”, privately registered in July 2021.

At time of publication GSB Global’s website has been disabled. Through the Wayback Machine however, we can see it was pitched as a “GSB Gold Standard Group gold/bitcoin mining company”.

Gold Standard Corporation AG (GSB GLOBAL) was founded in Germany in 2011 and is specialised for trade of minerals and precious metals worldwide.

GSB controls the entire process chain strictly monitoring the quality of production and distribution at each stage.

Investments offered to consumers through GSB Global’s defunct website paid up to 3% a day.

As per the TSSB’s securities fraud cease and desist;

Respondents GSBGlobal, Williams, Thompson, Snider and Henderson (collectively the “Respondents”) are soliciting investors through GSBGlobal Website.

TSSB goes on to note that GSB Global is “spoofing GSB Gold Standard Corporation”, a German company registered to GSPartners owner Josip Heit.

Respondents are using the GSBGlobal Website, a website accessible at, to spoof GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG (“GSB Gold Standard”), a company that maintains a website at (the “GSB Gold Standard Website”).

Along with eleven other US states, Texas issued a separate securities fraud warning against Heit (right), GSPartners and GSB Gold Standard Corporation last November.

Given the nature of GSB Global, it’s unclear whether Carson Williams, Sheila Thompson, Patrick Snider and Keneth Henderson actually exist.

Photos used by GSB Global to depict Williams, Thompson, Snider and Henderson were stolen from “a diversified natural resources company.”

The GSBGlobal Website also presents photographs of other persons and creates the appearance these persons are affiliated with Respondent GSBGlobal.

Despite this appearance, the photographs are actually images of persons associated with an international organization that provides identity management services.

TSSB further notes;

on or about January 16, 2024, Josip Heit, on behalf of GSB Gold Standard, filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center relating to the GSBGlobal Website.

The complaint alleged violations of the following Paragraphs of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and was filed pursuant to the following Paragraphs of the Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

In light of all this, TSSB concludes GSB Global has “no relationship or affiliation with GSB Gold Standard”.

Nonetheless, TSSB has ordered GSB Global and its fictional executives to cease committing further acts of securities fraud in Texas.

The previously ordered securities fraud cease and desist against Heit, GSPartners and GSB Global Standard Corporation remains in place.