The Green Label Network website was registered on the 30th of December 2010 and lists a “Tham Dai Dee, Co. Ltd.” as the domain owner.

The administrative contact provided is a Domonic Mongello, with a supplied address in Chonburi, Thailand.


Further research revealed a YouTube video featuring Mongello, where he is credited along with host Richard Weberg (both respectively on the right) crediting Mongello as a co-founder of Green Label Network.


Update 21st May 2013 – Since the publication of this review, Weberg has got in contact and denied any involvement with Green Label Network as a co-founder:

I am not the co-founder of Green Label, nor ever have been. Dominic is my friend, and I have done some videos with him, for the launch of Green Label.

I have never owned or founded any part of Green Label (nor do I own any stake in the company and had nothing to do with its creation).

Other than appear to be closely linked to Mongello and appearing in several “early-bird” promotional videos for Green Label network, all we’ve got to go on is Weberg’s word.

Seeing as no other co-founders are mentioned in the “early bird” videos Weberg and Mongello appear in, I’ve requested Weberg identify the other co-founder(s) and if I get a response I’ll publish it here. /end update


Not being familiar with “Tham Dai Dee, Co. Ltd.”, I punched it into Google and was surprised to see BehindMLM pop up in the search results.

Turns out the company has previously come up in a discussion in January 2012 relating to an investigation into Wealth Masters Interational by New Zealand’s Commerce Commission.

The relevant discussion starts around comment #11, with BehindMLM readers attempt to get to the bottom of some of Wealth Master’s marketing operations in Norway.

The domain “” pops up in relation to the marketing efforts of some of WMI’s former Norwegian affiliates, after Wealth Masters was banned in Norway.

In comment #12 BehindMLM reader “B.F.” wrote:

Hmmm. Maybe they try to cover the WMI activity in Norway behind a new company name?

Actually, EcoEcoNow is the new WMI marketing platform, with the domain hosted in Pattaya.

Which was followed up in comment #14 by “Aussie”:

Strange…EcoEcoNow seems to be a ‘conservation’ front with an ‘online marketing system’ called “PCFmojo” or “Perpetual Conversion Funnel”.
The website is useless – same (out of date?)page for every tab. They claim to support ‘Conservation International’, yet I cannot find any official affiliation between them.

To which B.F. responded in comment #15:

The comments at the site are mostly made by WMI M3 consultants.

The domain is registered by Tham Dai Dee Co., Ltd., but both sites seem to be runned from servers in Montreal.

Linking Domonic Mongello directly to EcoEcoNow and PCFMojo is this affiliate’s account, published in March of this year:

Domonic Mongello created a marketing system called PCF mojo (perpetual conversion funnel) and a home based business opportunity to market it called eco eco now.

In doing research I discovered he started taking people’s money back in 2010 and still has not delivered the product or launched

Domonic Mongello admitted he did not have the capital to create , run , and support this kind of business and presented his concept called a “Social Movement Model” where all the people who joined would contribute their time and talents for free to build his company.

He presented a great concept of a portion of money from direct sales and monthly fees would save an acre of rain forest through Conservation International so it sounded attractive that this company had a social conscious.

I have learned that there are fellow victims of Mongello’s vested partner scam that have sent from $1,000.00 to $3,600.00.

There are over 120 people that have sent him money and the marketing system has never been delivered nor has the opportunity launched. It is one excuse after another and one broken promise after another for new launch dates.

The excuses for not launching have gone on for over a year for me and for some they have never received what they paid for in two years.

The one of a kind marketing software (PCF) that was supposed to change internet marketing does not work and is so complicated it would take a top IT person to try and use it.

Domonic promoted this marketing software as something that even a newbie could use. Definitely not true! I had some experienced internet marketers look at the PCF system and they said it was the most complicated overpriced software they had ever seen.

I guess it was priced like an MLM where the price is inflated to pay commissions. The basic system is $997.00 and $97 monthly and the highest level was $9,995.00 and $995 monthly.

That is how he fooled all of us to pay a one time fee of $3,600.00 and get the highest price system and never have to pay the $997.00 monthly.

It has been about two years since Mongello marketed the PCF mojo marketing system and no one has ever used it or seen one marketing anything.

The PCFMojo logo can be seen “powering” the Green Label Network website:


Read on for a full review of the Green Label Network MLM business opportunity.

The Green Label Network Product Line

Green Label Network appears to have no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

Bundled with Green Label Network affiliate membership is access to a WordPress multi-user install, run and hosted off the Green Label Network domain (“”).

I have seen mention of “$25, $100, $500 and $1000 sales”, however I wasn’t able to find any further information on any additional products other than affiliate membership.

The Green Label Network Compensation Plan

The Green Label Network compensation plan pays affiliates on the recruitment of new affiliates into the company (money is transferred between affiliates, with Green Label Network themselves not taking any money).

This is done via a pass-up style compensation plan as follows:

  • 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th recruited affiliate – recruiting affiliate keeps 100% of the membership fee
  • 2nd, 4th and 6th and 10th recruited affiliate – recruiting affiliate keeps 50% of the membership fee and the other 50% is passed up to their direct upline (the affiliate who recruited them)
  • every 4th recruited affiliate after the 9th is split 50/50 between the affiliate who recruited them and their direct upline

Joining Green Label Network

Affiliate membership to Green Label Network is $25 a month.


What we have with Green Label Network appears to be a re-imagining of EcoEcoNow and PCF Mojo, whacked onto the popular WordPress blog network gifting compensation model doing the rounds of late.

Whether through Wealth Masters International or otherwise, PCF Mojo doesn’t appear to have been officially launched and with the traction other WordPress powered blogging opportunities have shown over the past year or so, it seems Mongello is looking to start his own.

With WordPress being free and Green Label Network naturally can’t charge for it and as such you wind up with affiliates gifting eachother $25 each month. The company takes no money and sells nothing other than granting participants the ability to recruit others into the scheme and receive monthly gifting payments from them.

Typically company owners place themselves at the top of these schemes and as downlines expand over time, receive more and more pass-up payments from affiliates in the company.

As with any gifting pyramid scheme, once recruitment stops at the base of the pyramid those unable to recruit stop paying their monthly gifting fees to their upline, who in turn do the same and before you know it the entire scheme has collapsed.