The collapsed Jubilee Ace Ponzi scheme has been rebooted as Globalytics Tech Research.

Jubilee Ace was a Ponzi scheme launched in mid 2019.

Headed up by Boris CEO “Tony Jackson”, Jubilee Ace is believed to have been run by south-east Asians, Germans, or a combination of the two.

Jubilee Ace was a simple Ponzi points scheme. Investors signed up, dumped money into credits and received a return based on credit accumulation.

Around June 2020 Jubilee Ace ditched credits for AQUA coin (AQN), a non-publicly tradeable Ponzi token.

The brand “Jenco” was also introduced, in an attempt to dupe new investors who might otherwise identify Jubilee Ace as a Ponzi scheme.

By this time Jubilee Ace was on the regulatory radar. FINMA in Austria added Jubilee Ace to their investment fraud warning list.

Jubilee Ace investors began reporting withdrawal problems in late September 2020.

One BehindMLM reader reported a top Japanese Jubilee Ace promoter had been arrested, however I wasn’t able to independently confirm this claim.

In any event and keeping in mind Jubilee Ace was heavily promoted in Japan, Globalytics Tech Research has emerged as its replacement.

Tony Jackson seems MIA, so presumably his Jubilee Ace acting contract expired. A replacement actor hasn’t emerged yet.

Globalytics Tech Research’s website domain (“”), was privately registered on October 13th, 2020. This is just a few weeks after Jubilee Ace collapsed.

Once again the Ponzi scheme is being primarily pitched to a Japanese audience.

According to an email received from a BehindMLM reader, Jubilee Ace’s AQN Ponzi tokens can be used in Globalytics Tech Research.

You can transfer your AQN from Jubilee ACE to GTR (internal).

You buy a trading license from GTR.  but you can only pay up to 20% of the bill with AQN.

EXAMPLE: GTR trading license costs $ 10,000 you can pay $2,000 with AQN and $ 8,000 must be fresh new BTC from outside.

There is of course no mention of an investment opportunity on Globalytics Tech Research’s website.

Whereas in Jubilee Ace everything was “aqua” themed (aqua bot etc.);

MyAQUA is a cutting edge data consolidation & analysis system that extracts live big data globally and run them through our trading algorithms.

In Globalytics Tech Research we have the “Star System”, made up of Star System, Star Services and Star Suite.

It’s the same rubbish investors fell for in Jubilee Ace.

Globalytics Tech Research’s launch hasn’t gone unnoticed in Japan, prompting the company to try to suppress awareness with bogus DMCA complaints.

In the last few weeks along Globalytics Tech Research has filed twenty DMCA notices against websites mentioning the company.

Not surprisingly, this is the same strategy Jubilee Ace used to silence awareness of their fraud. It didn’t work.

The good news is Globalytics Tech Research filing a bunch of bogus DMCA notices gives us a handy list to work from.

Here’s what the Japanese community have to say about Globalytics Tech Research (auto-translated):

Money-Topics Truth

The GTR “Globalytics Tech Research” will be released as an investment project for the third hype project following the “Jubilee Ace” and “JENCO” that the Jubilee Group has offered in the past.

The basic mechanism and contents are not much different from Jubilee Ace Genco, which is said to have adopted the conventional arbitrage.


JENCO, Jubilee Ace, who got a lot of attention this year.

However, the Jubilee Group has announced a new service.

Here you will find the latest information about the new service GTR.

GTR is an abbreviation for Globalytics Technology Research.

Money Shikoku Design

GTR “Globalytics Tech Research” is the latest service launched by the Jubilee Group.

So far, “Jubilee Ace” and “JENCO” have been released, and it is the third service following them.

With regard to “Jubilee Ace” and “JENCO”, withdrawals have been suspended and services have been suspended, which is quite a problem.

There is a high possibility that they will “fly” from the current status of the past two projects.


GTR is an abbreviation for “Gloalytics Tech Research”. This GTR is an offer that the Jubilee Group, which launched Jubilee Ace JENCO, has introduced as a third business.

Since all services of the Jubilee Group were stopped in November 2020, the first service launch since then will be the third “GTR” , so there is a high possibility of flying and Ponzi scheme.


GTR (Globalytics Tech Research) follows JA (Jubilee Ace) and JENCO (Genco).

It ‘s an evolution of JENCO , which manages various investment products by making full use of AI (artificial intelligence) and distributes the profits to those who have invested in GTR (Globalytics Tech Research).

This is a HYIP investment project.

As a result of my research, I decided that it was a project with a high possibility of Ponzi scheme.

As opposed to Jubilee Ace’s DMCA notices, which originated out of Thailand, Globalytics Tech Research’s notices are being sent from Germany and Hong Kong.

Not sure what the tie is to Hong Kong but we mentioned the potential German link above.

For its part Globalytics Tech Research provides a basic UK incorporation certificate on its website. This is meaningless.

As at the time of publication Globalytics Tech Research haven’t issued an English version of their compensation plan.

If they decide to break out of the Japanese market BehindMLM will of course publish a formal review.

In the meantime if you’re being approached to join Globalytics Tech Research, know you’re joining a company heavy with Ponzi token bag-holders.

Your money will be used to pay them, and then you’ll be left holding the bag.

If you were scammed in Jubilee Ace, know that no matter what the scammers behind Globalytics Tech Research promise you, Ponzi schemes are a zero-sum equation.

They can only pay you what new victims sign up and invest with.

That feeling you had when Jubilee Ace collapsed? You’re setting up others to go through that all over again.


Update 26th March 2021 – The scammers behind Globalytics Tech Research might be threatening Japanese sources cited in this review.

In the last week both Net-24H’s and Modul-INT’s posts have been taken offline (links removed above).


Update 21st May 2021 – Added Komahacchi to the list of removed links.