Owing to Richard Maike’s ongoing attorney retention issues, the Infinity2Global criminal trial has been delayed again.

As per a June 19th order, the trial is to be rescheduled no earlier than February 17th, 2020.

Since the FTC began investigating Maike in 2015 he has burned through four law firms.

If Maike’s relationship with his current attorney breaks down, I’m not sure what happens to the yet to be scheduled 2020 trial date.

One would assume a defendant can’t keep dropping lawyers to avoid trial indefinitely.

In related Infinity2Global case news, Richard Anzalone and Faraday Hosseinipour are trying to get the first nineteen paragraphs of their superseding indictment stricken.

Anzalone and Hosseinipour claim

each of these paragraphs contain unnecessary and nonessential “facts” that are highly prejudicial … and will deny (them) a constitutionally fair trial.

The FTC has opposed the motion, stating

Count 1 of the Superseding Indictment includes three paragraphs of Introductory Allegations; nine paragraphs identifying the business entity, Infinity 2 Global, and the role each Defendant played vis-à-vis that company; and six paragraphs describing the scheme and artifice to defraud.

Paragraph 17, in particular, alleges that the company, I2G took in approximately $16 million dollars from investors in roughly 18 months, and that Defendants Anzalone and Hosseinipour each made $800,000 as a result of their promotion of the company.

Paragraph 19, which is the first paragraph of Count 1, incorporates by reference the preceding 18 paragraphs of Introductory Allegations, Relevant Entities and Individuals, and Scheme and Artifice to Defraud.

There is nothing inherently prejudicial about any of these paragraphs, and they are indeed relevant to forming an understanding about the nature and circumstances of the crime charged.

A decision on the motion remains pending.

Looking forward February 2020 is just under eight and a half months away.

I’m not anticipating any major updates in the Infinity2Global case till trial, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the docket monthly.

I’ll be updating this article with a motion ruling and new trial date as they become available.


Update 20th August 2019 – As per an August 5th order, the Infinity2Global trial has been rescheduled for May 11th, 2020.