Get Cash Connected was launched in May 2012 and is run by CEO and founder Ron Walsh. Operating out of Canada, Get Cash Connected promises a 100% cash payout claiming that ‘the money is all in the pay plan’.

Other than that very little else is provided about the Get Cash Connected opportunity unless prospective members surrender their contact details.

Walsh (photo right) is probably best known for a prior opportunity he launched called ‘EZ Wealth Solution’. EZ Wealth Solution launched in 2007 and promises to make its members ‘become very wealth, by selling other people’s products‘.

Once again information wise nothing much else is divulged save that these product sales are priced at $47, $97, $247, $497 and $997.

Typically when it comes to these types of 100% commissions the company requires a monthly membership fee and via a compensation structure, then has members gift money between themselves (usually via a 1-up or 2-up compensation structure).

Is Get Cash Connected any different? Read on for a full review.

The Get Cash Connected Product Line

No information is provided on the Get Cash Connected website about the products members will supposedly be marketing and selling.

In the compensation plan material I cited, the products were only referred to inclusively as ‘PKG1’, ‘PKG2’ and ‘PKG3’.

The Get Cash Connected Compensation Plan

Get Cash Connected promises members a 100% sale commission on the sale of products and utilises both 1-up and 2-up style compensation plans.

The easiest way to explain the Get Cash Connected compensation plan is to break it into three components: PKG1, PKG 2 and 3 and the admin fee.

PKG1 (1-up)

PKG1 is the entry-level payment ($15) with sales revolve around a 1-up style compensation plan. This means that each newly recruited member, along with any members they recruit and so on and so forth pass up 100% of the money they pay to you. In turn you yourself also pass up your first sale to your upline.

For example, when you join the company your membership fee goes to your upline’s upline if you are their first sale, but it goes to them directly if you are their second or more.

In turn, you must pass up the 100% sale commission of your first sale to your upline, who pockets it. Each new sale you make after that at the PKG1 level you keep 100% of the commissions.

Additionally your downline also needs to pass up their first sale to you, so anytime someone you’ve recruited recruits a new member themselves, you get a commission rolled up to you (hence the name, 1-up).

PKG2 and 3 (2-up)

PKGs 2 and 3 increase in price, $25 and $50 respectively, and function in a similar fashion to PKG1 sales, except that a 2-up compensation structure is used.

A 2-up structure requires a new members first two sales to be passed up rather than just 1. Otherwise the concept is the same (members paying eachother).

Additionally note that at the PKG2 and 3 levels, members themselves must purchase both packages ($25 and $50) if they wish to earn any commissions. I believe self-purchase at either level qualifies as one of your two mandatory rolled up sales.

Admin Fee

With members effectively gifting eachother (paying eachother 100% of the money they’ve made) the company makes no money from sales, so instead charges everyone a $10 monthly admin fee.

Joining Get Cash Connected

Membership to Get Cash Connected is $10 a month.


Without the MLM style compensation plan Get Cash Connected would be a simple affiliate program and there’d be no concern.

Introduce 100% sales commissions and members being forced to gift these commissions to the members that recruited them however, and you’ve pretty much got a $10 a month ‘pay-to-play’ cash gifting scheme.

Each new member can be milked three times (three PKG levels) before new members need to be recruited but ultimately residual income depends on the ongoing recruitment of new members (either directly yourself or indirectly through your downline passing up money and gifting you).

You could make the argument that it’s not gifting and actual products are being sold, but Cash Gifting explicitly offer no refunds:

All PKG sales are final, no refunds.

If I was infact actually purchasing a product and not just transferring money to existing members in the company, should I not use the product refunds would be offered.

Instead nothing is actually purchased so refunds aren’t possible. Typically these schemes deal with digital products amount to little more than the (free) transfer of reseller rights, rather than sale of the product itself (you don’t even know what products you’re “buying” until you sign up).

Members can make the argument that they are able to sell the products outside of the Get Cash Connected business, however these are external sales and irrelevant when analysing the company’s business model. Within the opportunity itself, you cannot participate in the compensation plan without becoming a member first and personally gifting existing members in the company.

I imagine Get Cash Connected has come about due to the ongoing demise of Walsh’s previous EZ Wealth Solution scheme which, upon further research, seems to have operated using a similar gifting business model.

Ultimately these gifting schemes run out of new members to sign up and gift existing members with and that’s when they fall apart. Get Cash Connected is no different.