There is no information on the Free Hits Forever website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The domain ‘’ was registered on the 5th July 2012 and lists something called ‘SFI’ as the registrant, operating out of the US state of Texas.

The admin contact lists a ‘John Kirk’ and provides an email address pointing to another domain, ‘’.

Ad Slingers appears to be a paid to surf website rotator where members are paid a commission for each new member they sign up who pays for a “referral upgrade”.

The Ad Slingers was registered in August 2007 and also lists SFI as the registrant with John Kirk appearing again as the administrative contact.

As best as I can tell, SFI was a now-defunct payment processor set up by Kirk circa 2005 or so (more commonly known as “SFI Pay”).

A possible precursor to SFI Pay was another payment processor owned by Kirk called ‘Veripay Digital (‘’). Veripay Digital is now long defunct.

Finally also in 2005 Kirk appears to have had tried his hand at e-wallet fund exchanges with a company called E-TradeXchange (also long defunct). An interesting Q&A dating back to 2005 reveals some information on Kirk:

Q: Hello. What’s the name of the person who’s going to answer the questions?
A: John Kirk

Q: What’s your position in the program?
A: One of the owners

Q: Could you tell us a little bit about your (and all other members of thestaff) background?
A: We also own the SFIpay online payment processor. John Kirk has been a full time Multi-level Marketer since 1983.

Q: Why do you feel the need to have a referral incentive program?
A: Provides incentive to members to introduce new members

Q: If you’re involved in several business/financial activities, how is your portfolio structured?
A: This is no one elses business

Q: How large is your current capital?
A: It’s large enough

Q: What do you think about the longevity of your program?
A. It will be around for years

As I understand it, E-TradeXChange offered investors ROIs on their invested money. These returns were supposedly derived from fees charged on e-currency exchanges between members.

So far, so good! I’ve gotten about 9% return in the past day & 1/2.

If today is anything like yesterday, I’ll almost reach the 12% return mark by day’s end. Also, we don’t get our principal amounts back, which in turn funds the investment ETX investment pool to pay everyone their shares of the profits.

They have been paying me around 6% daily to my account since last week. Hopefully they will be around for a long time.

Now in my third day, I noticed my daily yield went up a full 1% from 5.9% to 6.9% yesterday. This one will have its peaks and valleys like any other business. It just needs more exposure to the public to get back into the double digits.

It would appear that after his payment processor and investment scheme ventures didn’t work out, Kirk ventured into pay to surf schemes. Free Hits Forever appears to be the latest incarnation, following Ad Slingers.

Read on for a full review of the Free Hits Forever MLM business opportunity.

The Free Hits Forever Product Line

Free Hits Forever has no retailable products or services. Instead, after they’ve joined the company members are able to surf websites and earn “advertising credits”.

These advertising credits can then in turn be exchanged for traffic generated by Free Hits Forever to be directed to a website.

Additionally members who “upgrade” to paid membership can market membership to the company itself, earning a commission on each new paid member they sign up.

Paid members are also able to market “bonus packs” ($15), however these are only available for purchase by company members and are not available at a retail level.

The Free Hits Forever Compensation Plan

The Free Hits Forever compensation plan pays members on the recruitment of new paid members, purchases of bonus packs and a “revenue-sharing pool”.

Recruitment Commissions

Free Hits Forever’s recruitment commissions are paid out in two parts:

The first is a flat rate $1 earnt on the recruitment of a paid member to recruiting member.

The second is a 3×9 matrix that starts with you at the top and branches out into 3 legs under you, which in turn branch out into three legs again down 9 levels.

As members are recruited, either by yourself, your upline or your downline your matrix slowly fills and you are paid out a commission for each new member placed into your matrix. How much of a commission you are paid depends on what level of your matrix a new member is placed:

  • Levels 1 to 3 – $1
  • Levels 4 to 8 – 50 cents
  • Level 9 – $1

Bonus Pack Commissions

When someone in your matrix (9 levels) purchases a “bonus pack” ($15), you earn an 8% commission ($1.20).

An additional 10% ($1.50) is paid out on the bonus pack purchases of members you’ve directly recruited into the company.

Revenue-Sharing Pool

Free Hits Forever’s revenue-sharing pool is made up of

  • $1.50 from each new membership fee paid
  • 10% of each bonus pack purchased by members

Shares are allocated evenly every week amongst qualified Free Hits Forever members, with there being three ways to qualify:

  • recruit 3 new paid members for the week you wish to qualify
  • earn 7,500 advertising credits by visiting websites within the Free Hits Forever program
  • purchase a $15 bonus pack

Upon meeting any one of these qualification criteria, members are awarded one share in the company revenue-sharing pool for the week. Qualification criteria must be met each week for an ongoing share in the revenue-sharing pool.

Joining Free Hits Forever

Membership in Free Hits Forever comes in two varieties:

  • Free members are able to visit websites participating in the scheme and earn advertising credits
  • Paid members (a once off $9.95 fee) are able to participate fully in the compensation plan


100% of the revenue generated in Free Hits Forever is sourced from company members and with nothing being purchasable by non-members, what you’ve got here is pretty much a pyramid scheme.

Members are directly awarded commissions for recruiting new paid members and indirectly via a 3×9 matrix.

Additionally the revenue-share pool is merely shuffling member money around between members primarily if they recruit new members every week (membership fees go into the pool) or contribute at least $15 themselves towards the pool (note that only 10% of this goes towards the pool).

Sustainability wise as far as an income-opportunity goes things will slow down once new paid members stop signing up and while you could make the argument that paid traffic visitors are worth spending $15 on, these visitors more than likely are just trying to earn credits within the Free Hits Forever scheme and aren’t really interested in whatever your site is about.

In other words it’s not targeted traffic, just randoms looking to make a quick buck. If you’re just looking to boost your visitor stats that might be worth something to you but by and large non-targeted website traffic is largely useless.

Thus the real motive for purchasing a bonus pack each week is pretty much participation in the revenue-share pool (recruiting three new members each and every week has huge sustainability issues). Member money goes in and is merely shuffled around.

The big question mark being with only 10% of each $15 bonus pack purchase going into the pool, whether or not enough packs are being purchased each week by members to create a >$15 payout.

Either way between money games and a recruitment driven pyramid scheme there’s not all that much to the Free Hits Forever opportunity. Looking at the track record of owner John Kirk, I suppose it’s also not that hard to work out why.