Over the past few years the travel industry based MLM offering a matrix compensation plan has become somewhat of a cliche.

Paired with a travel opportunity that is in no way tied to the compensation plan or commission structure, these companies usually require members to recruit a minimum amount of people before they can earn a commission.

Today we’re going to look at MLM travel company ‘Fortuna’.

Not only does Fortuna fall within the travel industry MLM niche, but by introducing a 2×1 matrix, they’ve gone for the unsustainability jugular.

Ownership wise, even after my research into the company I’m not exactly sure who runs or owns Fortuna. The company website lists a CEO name only as “Buscalia”. Buscalia’s welcome message however is a text-to-type computer voice and I haven’t seen any other mention of him in my research.

Meanwhile Fortuna is being heavily promoted in India by a Sudesh Malik, who also appears to be the public spokesperson for the company.

The Fortuna Product Line

Fortuna offer 3 main products. Two of which have nothing to do with their commissions payouts and one of which pales in comparison to the recruitment commission Fortuna has on offer.

Club Vita

Dubbed as a ‘people’s empowerment program’, Club Vita seems to be a personal services provider that is owned, either in part or wholly by Fortuna themselves.

Membership to Club Vita entitles members access to e-books, videos, an IQ test (seriously?), an aptitude test and resume services.

The cynic in me can’t help but shake the feeling the sole purpose Club Vita exists is to screen potential Fortuna members and gauge just how gullible they are.

Or perhaps this is Fortuna’s way of at least leaving you with some skills once the new recruits have dried up in your area.

Note that at the time of publication the website Club Vita is supposed to exist at, clubvita.in, is currently offline and sitting in diagnostic mode.

I’m not sure if this is permanent or a temporary glitch. Remember, Fortuna’s products have nothing to do with their compensation plan or commissions, so whether the website is accessible or not is most likely of little consequence to their members.

Membership to the non-functional Club Vita will set you back $273 USD and just over $300 USD for the premium membership. With the Club Vita website being down, I’ve got no idea what the difference is between premium and a regular membership.

Regardless though, the difference is sure to have little to do with making money in Fortuna.

Fortuna Holiday Voucher

Other than that they expire within a year from their date of issue and that they offer travel ‘all across India and the world’, I was unable to find any specific details on the Fortuna Holiday Vouchers.

No mention of any restrictions, the dollar value of the voucher or who’s backing them (it’s obviously not Fortuna themselves).

No official information seems to exist in any capacity detailing Fortuna’s Holiday vouchers.

Again, with the voucher’s seeming irrelevance to actually making any money in Fortuna, this is not surprising.

Cosmic Care and Wellness Ptd Ltd

Attempting to offer some legitimacy to the Fortuna MLM business opportunity, the Cosmic Online Retail Storefront is your standard shopping mall offering.

The products on offer are in the absolutely bonkerswellness industry’. Here are some of the products on offer;

The SE Pendant (cost: 2 US cents)

The Cosmic’s S E Pendant is uniquely produced using a Japanese Mineral Science Technology to provide us with sufficient scalar frequencies.

The S E Pendant contains high quality bonded volcanic minerals of Japan and Germany that efficiently emit the powerful Scalar energy.

A Zero Point Wand (cost: $168 USD)

The MFST-Wand is a natural energy generating device. The energy created specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids. The molecular structure causes any liquid to become more hydratious, taste better and extend shelf life.

Placed in a fridge, the M Wand’s energy frequency permeates the fridge; all liquids, meat and fruit will taste better and have extended shelf life.

and a Tungsten Bracelet (cost: $135 USD)

Many arthritis pain suffers say they get relief by wearing magnetic bracelets.

Improve Your Circulation by stimulating blood flow and getting more essential oxygen and nutrients to your organs, muscles, joints and limbs!

Reduce Inflammation and Swelling by excreting excess fluid and promoting a Toxin Free Body!

Personally, I think Fortuna’s products speak for themselves and I’ll let your draw your own conclusions.

There is apparently a commissions structure available via personalised shopping malls however again I was unable to find any official documentation outlining any specific commission information.

The Fortuna Compensation Plan

Fortuna officially claim they have the ‘highest payouts in the world‘ and at the heart of the Fortuna MLM business opportunity sits its compensation plan. As I mentioned earlier in this article, Fortuna have thrown business sustainability out the window.

The 2×1 matrix

Whilst most matrix based MLM companies have a 2×3 or higher matrix (to fend off new recruitment exhaustion for as long as possible), Fortuna have gone with a 2×1 matrix.

This effectively means that you recruit two new people and you cycle off your matrix with a $130 USD commission. Then, the process repeats itself and you need to find another two new members to get paid again.

Keep in mind that everyone you recruit also needs to go and recruit two new people to Fortuna if they want to get paid too.

This continues on infinitely and your matrix commissions are directly tied into how many people you recruit into Fortuna.

Each time you complete a cycle, you are given what is called a ‘new ID’ and this is effectively a place in your upline’s matrix and is able to complete their matrix and cycle them.

This is important to understand as effectively Fortuna is feeding their matrices with new recruits and keeping the existing member’s matrices cycling with virtual accounts!

I can’t stress the long term unsustainability of such a program enough. How on earth Fortuna can claim to pay out a commission multiple times based off a single membership fee is beyond me.

I can only assume that while there’s a healthy influx of new recruits, the model holds up. Once burnout sets in though and those new recruits slow down, how one new member’s membership fee can cover an entire upline of cycling matrices is a mystery.

Math wise it just doesn’t add up.

The Binary component

Along with the 2×1 matrices, Fortuna also have a binary component in which each and every member you recruit is placed into a binary organisation below you.

After enough members have joined your organisation it should look something like this;

Fortuna’s commission structure on their binary teams is simple. For each 1:1 member matchup (a pair) you have on either side of your binary organisation, Fortuna will pay out $22 USD.

For example, if you have 8 members on your left arm and 9 on your right, this equates to 8 1:1 matchups and results in a 8X22 commission totalling $176 USD.

The nineth member on your right arm  has nobody to matchup with and therefore does not count towards your commission.

At the time of publication I’m not sure if this commission is paid out monthly or weekly due to a lack of official documentation. Given the low dollar amount of the commission however, I’d assume it was a weekly payout (anyone in Fortuna or who has more information is welcome to correct me on this).

Group Commissions

This part of the compensation plan is also a bit sketchy, but from what I understand Fortuna rewards you up to 9 levels deep in your binary organisation, based off your combined group sale’s through your Cosmic Care and Wellness storefronts.

The payout is as follows;

  • 10% of your own storefront sales
  • 5% of level 2’s combined storefront sales
  • 3% of level 3’s combined storefront sales
  • 2% of levels 4 and 5’s combined storefront sales
  • 1% of levels 6 to 9’s combined storefront sales

Note that to qualify for the Group commissions payout your team needs to be generating a minimum of $12,000 a month in retail sales.

Upon reaching this milestone you are awarded the title ‘Executive Director’ and will also personally receive a share in a separate bonus pool. This pool is made up of 4% commission of the entire Fortuna organisation’s combined storefont sales.

Rewarding Fortuna members for recruiting

Recruitment is seemingly everything in Fortuna and the company goes out of its way to emphasise that.

To reward Fortuna members that recruit the heaviest and most consistently (and thus keep their matrices cycling and members happy), Fortuna offers various once off bonuses. These are as follows;

Bronze Member – If you recruit 50 pairs of new members over 2 consecutive weeks (100 new members a week), you are awarded a ‘home theatre’ bonus.

Silver Member – If you recruit 100 pairs of new members over 2 consecutive weeks (200 new members a week), you are awarded a ‘bike’.

Gold Member – If you recruit 200 pairs of new members over 2 consecutive weeks (400 new members a week), you are awarded a Tata Nano car.

Diamond Member – If you recruit 250 pairs of new members over 3 consecutive weeks (500 new members a week), you are awarded an Alto car.

Double Diamond Member – If you recruit 500 pairs of new members over 3 consecutive weeks (1000 new members a week), you are awarded a Honda City car.

Joining Fortuna

Information on joining Fortuna and any costs involved is (like most other information regarding the company) scarce.

To register interest in Fortuna all you need to do is leave your first and last name, email address, city and phone number. Other than that there doesn’t seem to be any registration requirement.

One Fortuna member even states that there are no costs involved in coining the company.

In the Cosmic Online Retail storefront however, there is an option to purchase a ‘Online Shoppe Franchisee’ product. This apparently is a ‘direct selling entrepreneurship program of Fortuna’, which in another words means you can resell their products for a commission.

The price of the program is $400 USD and is listed as one of the services included in Fortuna membership and is part of the Fortuna compensation plan.

If there was a cost to join Fortuna, I’d peg it at around this $400 USD mark.


One of the main things that struck me in researching Fortuna was that everything seems to be geared towards a lower economy. Perhaps in part as to why Fortuna is marketing itself heavily in India.

Despite claiming to market in the US, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Romania, there doesn’t appear to be much of a market established yet.

The commissions Fortuna pays seem to be targeted primarily at the Indian market and along with a large population base it’s probably going to be a while before Fortuna’s recruitment driven commission models run out steam.

When they do, I wouldn’t want to be part of the cleanup crew.

With irrelevant mystical products, vague travel voucher offering and commission payouts solely based on the amount of people you can recruit to the Fortuna opportunity, this is one business I don’t think is going be around for too long.