FlipMe operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche.

The company website domain (“flip-me.com”), was first registered in 2016. The private registration was last updated on October 12th, 2023.

Through the WayBack Machine we can see there was nothing on the domain as of September 2023. This indicates the domain was purchased on or around the October 2023 registration update.

There is no mention of Mavie Global or CEO Michal Prazenica on FlipMe’s website.

FlipMe however is presented as the latest spinoff on Mavie Global’s website:

FlipMe markets itself as a

globally accessible payment app & card solution designed to bring traditional & crypto finances, to everyone, everywhere.

On its website FlipMe markets branded MasterCard debit cards, which it claims consumers can use to convert crypto on the fly into fiat.

On social media, FlipMe markets prepaid Visa cards purchased through Tremendous, a US company based out of New York.

These types of setups aren’t new. They’re typically achieved via shell companies with unassuming names attached to a dodgy payment processor.

Another angle FlipMe takes is presenting itself as a banking alternative:

FlipMe fails to provide evidence it has a banking license in any jurisdiction on its website. Ditto Mavie Global.

This however is secondary to FlipMe’s securities fraud, which takes place via their “Payment Hub NFTs”.

Payment Hub NFTS are tether investment positions through which FlipMe pitches investors on returns of up to 1000%.

  • Modern Apartment – invest 100 USDT and receive 200 USDT
  • Tropical Beach House – invest 300 USDT and receive 900 USDT
  • Skyline Penthouse – invest 500 USDT and receive 2000 USDT
  • Luxury Villa – invest 1500 USDT and receive 7500 USDT
  • Royal Mansion – invest 5000 USDT and receive 30,000 USDT
  • Plaza Hotel – invest 12,500 USDT and receive 87,500 USDT
  • Crystal Skyscraper – invest 30,000 USDT and receive 240,000 USDT
  • Dream Castle – invest 50,000 USDT and receive 450,000 USDT
  • Paradise Island – invest 100,000 USDT and receive 1,000,000 USDT

ROI rates aren’t disclosed but FlipMe does state Mavie Global investors will receive “daily payouts”.

Under US law and countries with regulated financial markets, FlipMe’s passive returns investment scheme constitutes a securities offering.

FlipMe fails to provide evidence it has registered its Payment Hub NFT investment scheme with financial regulators in any jurisdiction.

As of February 2024, SimilarWeb tracked top sources of FlipMe website traffic as the Czech Republic (12%), Malaysia (11%), Canada (10%), the UAE (8%) and Russia (7%).

With the exception of the UAE, securities are regulated in each of these countries.

Instead of complying with financial laws and operating legally, FlipMe makes “streams of income” claims consumers are unable to verify.

Such marketing is meaningless when FlipMe is demonstrably committing securities fraud.

Including the original Ultron ULX investment scheme, FlipMe marks the third Mavie Global spinoff.

  • LottoDay launched in mid 2023 and pitched investors on 800% returns through “Gaming Hub NFTs”
  • 369X launched in late 2023 and pitched investors on 12% annual returns through its VIBRA/369T shit tokens

Since launching, both LottoDay and 369X appear to have collapsed.

For February 2024, SimilarWeb tracked just ~25,800 monthly visits to LottoDay’s website (down 85% month on month). Traffic 369X’s website was so low it wasn’t tracked.

Mavie Global’s own website traffic has been in decline throughout 2024.

Given the only thing that differentiates FlipMe from the countless “convert your crypto into fiat” card options is its NFT investment scheme, it’s likely it too will flop once die-hard Mavie Global investors have been rinsed.

How many spinoffs Mavie Global can launch before they too stop pumping money into short-lived spinoffs remains to be seen.